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Meal Prep - Healthy Fast Food Variant

Meal Prep – Healthy Fast Food Variant

Meal Prep – Healthy Fast Food Variant

Daily healthy eating? Past the times when you thoughtlessly to the frozen pizza and noodles with prepared sauce? With Meal Prep it should be possible by always having healthy dishes in stock. What is behind the new nutrition trend? For whom is it suitable and what should be considered in relation to the durability of the food? In the following article, you will learn how to become a Meal Prepper.

What exactly is Meal Prep?

Meal Prep – a term that comes from English and is for “meal” and “prep” or “preparation” – is a new nutritional trend, which is becoming increasingly popular, especially for fitness fans of Meal-Prepping. In principle, this is understood as the old concept of pre-cookery for the whole week, which means as much as: Cooking a day and enjoying it for seven days by eating the remaining days of the prepared dishes and eating something every day without to have to worry about what you have to cook today. Gone are the days to get to finished products and unhealthy food as an alternative, because after a long, exhausting day, you do not have the strength to cook and have to stand for a long time in the kitchen. Meal Prep seems to be the solution to the eating problem. The reason why you should become the Meal Prepper is that the concept saves time because you have only the effort of cooking, and in addition, even in stressful situations profit from always healthy dishes in stock, which is also ideal is when you want to lose weight and eat healthy. It is important for meal prepping that all the dishes are planned beforehand and are stored in lunch boxes after preparation – these can then be taken to a different location – so you are less tempted to get unhealthy pastries at the next snack bar eat. Meal Prep is particularly suited to people who are on the road for work. Another reason to recommend Meal Prep is,

Meal Prep is the healthier version of the “fast food”, because here unhealthy finished products are dispensed with: a healthy type of fast food is presented. Today, it is known that the industrially produced finished products not only contain taste enhancers but also a lot of fat and carbohydrates.

What foods are suitable for Meal Prep?

Especially foods containing a large portion of protein are well suited for pre-cooking. These include:

  • noodles
  • rice
  • meat
  • lowfat quark
  • nuts
  • tuna
  • chicken
  • Chickpeas
  • tofu
  • Natural yoghurt

Vegetable types that can be used for Meal Prep, include:

  • broccoli
  • Corn
  • potatoes
  • carrots
  • cucumber
  • tomatoes

There are also dishes, for example, which have remained “leftover” from the previous day or have been pre-cooked in double portions so that they can also be consumed the next day. These are stowed in a microwave-safe container and can then be heated during the lunch break at the workplace.

There are some people who take the nutrition trend very seriously and have experienced a complete dietary change: Saturday’s grocery shopping and Sunday prep for the whole week is the motto. Of course, Meal Prep is not everyone’s business – many lack the spontaneity, which is partly lost by pre-cooking. Also, the constant planning of food is not always felt as positive, on the grounds that “Everything you have to plan in life, is it now already too much to simply let it come to your food?” Meal is mainly suitable Prep for athletes who want to have a 100% control over their food. But also within a diet pre-cooking brings its advantages.

Preparation is everything

Pre-cooked foods can be stored and transported in different ways: in:

  • Tupper boxes or similar (free of pollutants)
  • jars

Meal Prep should be prepared for this. Another important factor is the place. A refrigerator with a tiny freezer compartment will be problematic if it is a two-person household and both of Meal Prep want to benefit. For this reason you should already consider well before, where can be cooked pre-cooked food. Perhaps there is a place in the basement? Or to the cold season of the balcony?

To make sure you do not get bogged down at the beginning, if you start with Meal Prep as a beginner, it is recommended to pre-cook with three days in advance – to the supermarket you should go, if one through recipe databases on the Internet and cookbooks and has inspired. An important note when preparing with fresh fruit and vegetables is the following: The right layering is the first step – the dressing is first placed in the vessel, which is then removed from the ground, then the ingredients are layered on it which is not ” through “, such as, for example, pod fruits. This is followed by the addition of fresh fruit, salad and vegetables – this prevents the contents from becoming soggy.

As far as the shelf life of food is concerned, care must be taken that fresh, uncooked food be eaten promptly within the first two days. In the case of cooked or fried foods, the storage time in the refrigerated state is three to four days.

Conclusion: The fact that the effort has paid off and the time spent on just one day will be felt immediately when you get home from work the next day – without headaches, which could still be cooked on the fast healthy – a ready, healthy and self-cooked meal is already prepared and waiting to be eaten. Enjoy your meal.

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