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Massage chair »Comfort Deluxe«

Massage chair »Comfort Deluxe«

Massage chair »Comfort Deluxe«

Pure massage pleasure for your relaxation

With the high-quality massage chair »Comfort Deluxe« you can enjoy relaxing massage techniques and a variety of relaxation programs – just like with a professional massage. Feel from head to toe how your tension can dissipate, improve blood circulation and increase your performance. Treat yourself to your personal daily wellness highlight and order the massage chair.

Improved functions and even more comfort!

That’s the only way: Massage and remote control optimized

To make your new massage chair even better for you, we have revised and perfected it for you – for your complete relaxation.

Perfected massage in the back area

Hard to believe, but true: Thanks to optimized massage buttons, improved upholstery and a revised body scan, the new comfort massage chair will offer you even more relaxed wellness moments in the future. The new body scan locates the problem areas of your body and can, therefore, be tailored to the needs of each lot. Also new are the unique massage arms that can massage freely like thumbs. The shoulder muscles are gripped and kneaded as if by your personal masseur!


Better overview thanks to the comfort remote control

For a better overview of the numerous functions and setting options, we have made the remote control hinged for you. A child-friendly and self-explanatory handling remains a matter of course despite new functions. The advanced features of the new flip-up remote control make it even easier to precisely adjust to your needs. So settings such as speed, massage area and massage zones are now even easier to select.


Massages as from the professional

Smart body scan

In order to adapt the massage in this luxury chair exactly to your body size, built-in sensors scan your body before use, to ensure the massage in just the right parts of the body.

Varied massage programs and techniques

The variety of massage options of the massage chair comfort can certainly keep up with the repertoire of a massage therapist. Let yourself be pampered by six different massage techniques and decide according to your preferences. Can it be a knock, roll or shiatsu massage ? Or is it best to switch off during a vibration, air pressure or kneading massage? Special rolls in the backrest provide a particularly soothing massage and the 6 pre-set massage programs, which undergo all the techniques in the order of a professional massage, offer the perfect wellness experience for every taste.


6 different massage zones

Get pain and tension to the collar where they got stuck! No problem with the “Comfort Deluxe” massage chair. The 6 different massage zones allow you to precisely select the area to be massaged. Choose between the neck, shoulders, back, thighs, calves and feet or opt for a soothing full-body massage.

Comfortable warmth in the back area

To make sure that your tensions are as comfortable as possible or simply to make you feel completely at ease, the »Comfort Deluxe« massage chair is another plus that provides a pleasant warmth function, which you can switch on whenever you want.

Shiatsu roller massage for the neck/shoulder and back area!

The invisible flexible roller massage system moves from bottom to top and back as you turn on this extra feature. On request, you can fix it at any point to massage a part of the body especially intensively.

Comfortable warmth in the back area. For the best possible massage effect and relaxation.

Air pressure and vibration massage in the seating area. For soothing recovery and blood circulation promotion!

The foot and calf massage have a liberating and mobility-enhancing effect. Air pressure massage and rotating Shiatsu massage heads massage the hardening in the calf area and feet. A blessing in circulatory disorders or exhausted legs after a long time standing

Perfect seating and lying comfort and attractive appearance

The right setting options for every requirement

Thanks to its high-quality materials and workmanship, the massage chair comfort guarantees maximum seating comfort. But that’s not all if you want you can enjoy your relaxing massage while lying down. The chair can be driven by pressing a button electrically to the lying position. The 360 ° rotatable legrest serves as a foot/leg rest with or without calf massage and makes the lying position perfect. And even if you want to change the angle, your new massage chair will not let you down, because it is rotatable by 90 ° and can be easily aligned in any direction. With two wheels even changing the message and TV chair is a breeze.

Right chic

The massage chair “Comfort Deluxe” distinguishes other models also in terms of its appearance. The cover made of extremely real-looking, very durable and durable synthetic leather makes something of all colours. You have the choice: black, brown, cream white, reed or Bordeaux red. The chic but simple design of the armchair fits into any interior design style and adds an appealing accent, depending on the colour.

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