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Malaria: Causes, symptoms and treatment options!

Malaria: Causes, symptoms and treatment!

Malaria: Causes, symptoms and treatment options!

Ladies and gentlemen, as we all know Malaria has become an imminent threat to the well-being of most of the population of the world living in third world countries. Thus we have compiled a list that defines Malaria, explains the causes of Malaria, describes the symptoms of Malaria or the signs of Malaria and then we will talk about solutions such as Malaria pills, Malaria vaccines or other Malaria treatments. If you are interested in this topic of discussion, please take a read below:

Malaria definition:

what is Malaria?

Malaria is defined as a very serious illness or condition which results in a long and draining fever. It is life threatening thus immediate treatment becomes necessary. Malaria is a disease of the blood which is caused by the bite of an infected mosquito or the Plasmodium parasite. Malaria basically kills the red blood cells and thus if not noticed and treated fast, it can be fatal. Malaria is usually found to be present in climates which are either tropical or subtropical. The disease is however, not contagious.

Causes of Malaria:

what are the causes of Malaria?

The mosquito that becomes infected is usually one to feed on an individual who is already infected. The plasmodium parasite that develops within the mosquito during this infection needs a certain climatic condition to effectively thrive. For this, a climate needs to be tranquil and humid whereas the temperatures need to be moderate.

After the successful development of this parasite in the mosquito, the female Anopheles mosquito can infect a human being with Malaria. When bitten, the parasite will enter the human body and after joining into the bloodstream, it will make its home in the liver. During this time, which can range to about two weeks, the person will not have any symptoms of Malaria.

However, the Malaria parasite that entered the liver will start multiplying during this dormant stay. Then Malaria parasites are released into the bloodstream, with more to follow, where they destroy the red blood cells inside the bloodstream. This is the time when the person starts to experience the symptoms of Malaria. While doing this, they will also multiply so as to spread the infection further. This will take another two to three days.

Malaria: Causes, symptoms and treatment options!

Symptoms of Malaria:

what are the symptoms of Malaria?

Uncomplicated Malaria is diagnosed soon after certain symptoms of Malaria show. If treated immediately, the condition does not turn into severe Malaria. The symptoms of Malaria will usually last about an average of 8 hours a day and will recur every day. These symptoms of Malaria will usually involve strong fever with flu, chills and shivering, lots of sweating, headaches and nausea may also follow as well as fluctuation in temperature and sudden sweating. However, if the Malaria condition gets out of hand and it turns into severe Malaria then the symptoms of Malaria are more dangerous. These symptoms of Malaria can be unconsciousness, anemia, diarrhea, nausea, convulsions and could even result in a coma.

Treatment for Malaria:

how to treat Malaria?

For Malaria, you need to get treatment from a professional medical practitioner trained for this purpose. You will be prescribed certain medications for the removal of this parasite from the bloodstream. Malaria pills and anti-malaria drugs will be used for effectively carrying out this purpose. There are certain malaria vaccines which have been developed in Europe but it is important that medical attention be immediately given to patients who are at the threat of suffering from this disease.

Malaria can also sometimes recur. If you have not previously developed immunity, then you might be in danger again and it might pose as a life threatening situation for you. You might be given malaria medications and the doctor will also give you medications to permanently oust this disease from your body.

Malaria: Causes, symptoms and treatment options!


It is important to realize that when a life threatening situation like this presents itself, you need to take immediate action. The best way to do this is to effectively monitor your condition and understand the disease. Thus we hope that this article helps you in determining the causes of malaria, the symptoms of malaria, as well as the malaria medication and malaria treatment options.

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