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With a few simple tricks, dark skin can be wonderfully put on make-up – be it with a subtle day make-up or for a glamorous appearance in the evening. Above all, the selection of high-quality products and matching colours are important.

A radiant day make-up for dark skin

Women always want to look good, both in the office and on a boisterous shopping spree in the city. A shrill appearance is out of place; In everyday life, the ladies are more likely to impress with an unobtrusive day make-up, which flatters the radiant complexion of the dark skin and gently emphasizes the benefits of the face.

A perfect make-up always starts with a carefully applied foundation that covers blemishes and blurs the complexion. First, the concealer is used, with the help of dark circles under the eyes can be concealed. Then liquid or creamy make-up on the face is spread and rubbed with a sponge or fingers carefully. Conscientiousness is the basic prerequisite for the fact that the complexion afterwards does not appear spotty, but even. The colour of the foundation should match the tone of your own skin as exactly as possible. If the selection is limited so that only lighter or darker nuances are available, the decision is in favour of the lighter tones. However, even these may deviate only minimally from the own skin colour, since the face otherwise can act fast mask-like.

With this foundation as a basis, the eye area can now be tackled. Well-groomed eyebrows are an absolute must in professional life and always have a pleasant and attractive effect on the other person. If they have grown too bushy, superfluous hairs can be plucked out with tweezers and the eyebrows can then be shaped with a brush. Too thin eyebrows can be optically filled with an eyebrow pencil. As soon as the result is satisfactory, the eyelashes with a little mascara get the finishing touches and ensure a breathtaking look. The eyeshadow is well-dosed and used in subtle shades and completes the eye make-up perfectly.

The lips can now be defined with a contour pencil and painted with a lipstick, for example in transparent pink. Contour pencil and lip gloss or lipstick are coordinated in colour and should have approximately the same nuances in order to harmonize well with each other.

An exciting make-up for wild party nights

The planning of the evening has been fixed – it should be a long night on the hottest dance floors in the city. What is still missing is an exciting look for the evening, which attracts the admiring glances of the men’s world. The first step here too is a perfect foundation because without a carefully applied base even the most beautiful eye makeup will not work.

A glamorous make-up needs no restraint – so it’s time to jump right into the bright colours to create an exciting look. Around the eyes, sparkling metal tones – like a shimmering gold or fiery bronze – take over the sceptre and are attractively combined. Cold colours – such as a light blue or green – do not match the racy temperament and warm glow of the darker skin. Violet, lilac, pink and pink set seductive accents.

Experienced ladies can choose from the following suggestions their favourites and combine them into a sexy make-up that will harmonize perfectly with her dark skin:

  • Glitter around the eyes
  • Golden eyeliner
  • Lip balm with gold particles
  • Artificial lashes
  • Lip gloss with boost effect for optically fuller lips
  • Golden brown glitter kohl
  • Lipstick in pink metallic
  • Rhinestone eyeliner for sticking

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