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LUNG CANCER: Signs, Causes, Types and Treatments

LUNG CANCER: Signs, Causes, Types and Treatments

The Lung Cancer is the most common Death causing cancer worldwide. This article has summoned briefing regarding Lung Cancer symptoms, lung Cancer Causes and Treatment for lung Cancer.  According to Lung cancer Statistics, it was analyzed that the Lung Cancer Survival Rate is  18% for all people and time is 5-years  which means that the patient can survive for up to 5 years since the diagnosis was made.


LUNG CANCER DEFINITION: As every cancer, it is also the abnormal growth of cells but the location is lungs.  Lung Carcinoma is another name for Lung Cancer. The Cancer can be malignant that is the full grown cancer cells can travel anywhere in the body for the purpose of spreading cancer and the process is metastasis while the  Cancer is known as  Metastatic Lung Cancer.  Lung Cancer is a disease of adults, the majority of lung cancer victims are above 65 years. While as less as 3% victims are below 40 years


LUNG CANCER SYMPTOMS: Signs of Lung Cancer can vary according to the stages. Cancer cells directly interfere and obstruct breathing. A few of the generalized symptoms are given below:

  • Coughing
  • Chest ache
  • bleeding coughs
  • difficulty in breathing
  • irregular weight loss
  • Chest and shoulder pain
  • dysphagia

When Lung cancer starts to get worse, then signs of lung cancer also start to get worse and the treatment of lung cancer gets tougher.  Severe Lung Cancer symptoms might include blurred vision, breathing obstruction, hoarseness(vocal issues) even paralysis.

LUNG CANCER: Signs, Causes, Types and Treatments


CAUSES OF LUNG CANCER: Leading causes of lung cancer are mentioned below:

  1. SMOKING: Does smoking cause Lung Cancer? Smoking is the number one cause of lung cancer. 90% of the patients diagnosed with lung cancer had a long smoking history. As smoking habit increases, chances of being the victim of Lung Cancer also increase. Tobacco contains over 4000 toxic compounds and most of them have identified to be the cause or facilitators of lung cancer. Cancer causing chemicals or substances are known as Carcinogens. Nitrosamines and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons are two main carcinogens found in cigarettes. Does marijuana cause Lung Cancer? Yes, Can weed cause Lung Cancer? Yes, Can Nicotine cause Lung Cancer? Nicotine speeds up Lung Cancer.
  2. PASSIVE SMOKING: Passive smoking is what causes Lung Cancer in nonsmokers. Passive smoking is inhaling of left out cigarette smoke in the air when the nonsmoker is in a company of smokers. There are 24% risk chances for a non-smoker to be suffering from lung cancer via passive smoking. The risk with the degree of exposure.
  3. VULNERABILITY TO ASBESTOS: Does asbestos cause Lung Cancer? Asbestos consists of silicate fibres that can endure in lungs due to excessive exposure to asbestos of the human being.  Asbestos was widely used for thermal insulation but the health risk associated with asbestos have forced many governments to ban its use. Prolonged exposure to asbestos can cause Lung Cancer Asbestosis or asbestos Lung Cancer. People who smoke and are exposed to asbestos are mostly to be suffering from Lung Cancer in near future. Non-smokers who are exposed to asbestos are more like to be the victim of Lung Cancer than those who are just nonsmokers and are not exposed to asbestos.
  4. AIR POLLUTION: Our environment has gotten too much contaminated due to excessive air pollution. Air pollution is a combination of different gases which are injurious to the health of the living things as well as for the environment. Air pollution is spreading out by the industries and the great number of vehicles used.  Inhaling of such dangerous gases is definitely a risk for the lungs and might cause lung cancer.
  5. PERSONAL HISTORY: A lung cancer survivor might again develop lung cancer.
  6. LUNG CANCER: Signs, Causes, Types and Treatments


Bronchogenic carcinomas is another name for lung cancer as cancer arises from the bronchi of the lungs. Lung cancer is mainly identified through two classes:

  1. Small Cell lung cancer
  2. Non-Small Cell lung cancer

Both are classified on the basis of their size and appearances. Both SCLC and NSCLC have different treatments so their diagnosis is literally very important.

WHAT IS THE MOST COMMON TYPE OF LUNG CANCER? Non-small cell lung cancer is the most common type of Lung Cancer diagnosed. Over 80% of patients are undiagnosed with NSCLC while the rest suffer from SCLC. There are many other main types of lung cancer named in the area they are found at, for example: Adenocarcinomas, Squamous cell carcinomas, Bronchioloalveolar carcinoma and Large cell carcinomas.


LUNG CANCER TREATMENT: Treatments for Lung Cancer are briefly described below:

LUNG CANCER SURGERY: Surgery is mostly like to be performed as the treatment for stage 1 ever for 2 when a tumour has not grown too much. surgery is mostly performed in the case of NSCLC as a tumour is most likely to stay localized in the area while that of in SCLC a tumour might have moved around in another part of the body. Removal of a tumour through surgery doesn’t really give the guarantee that the disease is gone, the tumour can develop again.

RADIATION THERAPY: The Controlled beam of radiation is used to target and destroy the cancer cells. A small layer of healthy cells around a tumour are also destroyed to avoid the chances for a tumour to spread after the destruction of theactuall cancer cells.

CHEMOTHERAPY: Chemotherapy is commonly used for the treatment of both the NSCLC and SCLC. Combination of drugs is given to the patient so that cancer cells can be destroyed and their further production can be interrupted. Chemotherapy is very suitable for SCLC as they reside in different parts of the body so they’re easier to target this way. Drugs modernly used for the treatment of lung cancer are platinum-based drugs which have found to be very effective.


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