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Low Carb means free: low carbs. More specifically, the low carb diet should not contain more than 40 to 45 percent of carbohydrate calories. A low carbohydrate content of the low carb dishes causes above all, that the way for the fat burning is made free. The protein-based diet is therefore considered a miracle weapon against hip pads. Health care administrator has put together the best low carb recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition, we also give you vegetarian low carb recipes and low-carbohydrate drinks.


Low Carb Recipes: What foods are allowed?

A low carb diet by no means that no carbohydrates are on the table – the amount is only reduced. Carbohydrate bombs like pasta or bread are completely deleted from the diet. This is the more vegetables, dairy, fish and meat on the shopping list.

You want to lose weight, but do not strictly abstain from carbohydrates? You do not have to! There are now nutritional concepts that include low carb recipes, but not exclusively. For example, the Logi diet or lean in sleep. Here, too, proteins and fats are an important component, but at the same time attention is paid to sufficient fruit, vegetables, nuts and legumes.

Most low carb diets are divided into three phases: The first phase contains hardly any carbohydrates. In steps two and three, the amount is increased again. In addition to this model, there is also the possibility especially in the evening to fall back on low carb recipes and allow carbohydrates in the morning. Thus, the fat loss is positively influenced at night without having to do without bread and pasta entirely.


With low carb recipes for a dream figure

Low carb recipes are ideal for those who want to lose weight. Due to the low carbohydrate content, insulin secretion remains very low. Free track for fat burning! In addition, low carb recipes prevent cravings attacks! So if you can do without rolls and noodles and look for recipes that last a long time, you can quickly reach your desired figure with low carb dishes.


A day with low carb dishes

How does a day look like with low carb? For breakfast, there are mainly eggs, dairy products and vegetables. You will find scrambled eggs with bacon and vegetables, quark dishes or low carb bread on the breakfast table. In order to support the fat burning, it is advisable to abstain from a snack in the morning and afternoon. Who does not get along without a snack, should resort to low carb snacks such as nuts or kefir.

Low – carbohydrate salads, soups or meat dishes are available for lunch. Without saturation side dishes like rice or noodles of course! Likewise, the dinner at Low Carb: plenty of vegetables and meat, tofu, legumes or cheese. It’s best to stop snacking for two to three hours before going to bed. This clears the way for burning fat overnight.

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