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Are you looking for ways to enjoy a low-calorie breakfast? How about fruit as the first meal of the day? Those who eat fresh fruit in the morning not only save calories but also stimulate the body’s own detoxification and cleansing processes.

Fruit breakfast for intestinal health

Fruit meals stimulate the flow of digestive juices and detoxify the digestive organs. Especially the intestinal mucosa suffers very much from our so-called civilization food. Extracts, simple sugars, meat, animal proteins and fat lead to deposits and encrustations of the intestinal mucosa. The villi stick together and are no longer able to provide optimal digestive work. Since a large part of our immune system is located in the intestine, an intact intestinal mucous membrane opens the doors to many pathogens. All of this can be managed in the longer term by getting used to starting the day with a fruit breakfast.

Fruit as a low-calorie power breakfast

Fresh fruit is not so heavy in the stomach, as rolls with butter and cold cuts, coffee with milk and sugar or a Frühstücksei. The fibre and enzymes contained in fruits optimize digestion and metabolic processes, the vitamins and minerals deacidify our organism and the easily digestible carbohydrates provide a good starting energy for the day.

Practical tips for a low-calorie fruit breakfast

  • If you want to go fast or have no appetite for solid foods in the morning, a freshly squeezed juice is a good alternative. A mixed drink with green leafy vegetables is also conceivable. Green plant parts such as lettuce, spinach, chard or herbs such as watercress, basil, dandelion provide plenty of chlorophyll, which is broken down as pure protein very quickly and metabolized. Such so-called green smoothies are regarded as true power drink and are also still low in calories.
  • Start the day with a fruit-monomahlzeit. This means that you are eating enough of a single type of fruit. Monomahlzeiten is very digestible because our entire digestive system can adjust completely to a food.
  • If Mono meals are too monotonous, try a fruit salad. The ingenuity and individual taste here are no limits.
  • If you like it a bit more varied, you can also combine its fruit salad with (soy) yoghurt or soaked nuts. In the evening, soak in nuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, oatmeal and similar muesli ingredients and add fresh fruit and a little yoghurt in the morning. In just a few minutes, this also creates a low-calorie power breakfast.

A low-calorie breakfast based on fresh fruit is an ideal way to start the day, which has a very positive effect on your health and slimline.

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