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If you want to be healthy and permanently slim, you can not avoid having to lose weight with sports. Regular exercise is the key to the dream figure. On this page, you will find tips from FIT FOR FUN on how to lose weight quickly with sports – or just hold your figure. Our wide range of exercises and training plans will help you stay motivated and guarantee the best results. We also tell you which are the best sports for losing weight.

Lose weight with sports: the kilos of it run

One of the best sports for losing weight is jogging. One hour of running burns around 700 calories, and even after exercise the body is in full swing. With the right training program, losing weight through sport is so easy – up to five kilos in a month are possible if you jog regularly. But losing weight through exercise works even better and more effectively with the right diet. Again, be careful not to overeat and high in calories. Because in the end counts the calorie balance: You have to burn more than you take.

How many calories does my sport burn?

When losing weight with sports, many ask: How many calories does my sport burn? An essential question, because how quickly and effectively you lose weight through sport depends heavily on the type and intensity of the implementation. So you consume less energy when walking or slow running than during a fast run. Our tip, if losing weight with the sport is an issue for you: Start slowly and increase the intensity and the training amount over time. So you gradually get fitter and consume more calories. A calculator that tells you how high your basal metabolic rate is through your sports program can be found on this page.

Little time to lose weight through sports?

If you have a tight schedule and still want to lose weight with sports, you can fall back on our Quick-Workouts. These are small sports programs that only take 10, 20 or 30 minutes to complete. That way you can manage your fitness program even on stressful days – and losing weight through sport is not left to chance. The right training plans can be found right here on the website. Another trick to lose weight with sports is to make small fitness exercises into everyday life. For example, calf jacks work great while brushing your teeth. If you teeter on your tiptoes for three minutes in the morning, at noon and in the evening, you can burn up to 50 calories without any problems. A few such tricks in your day already contribute a lot,

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