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Losing weight with shakes | Recipes

Losing weight with shakes | Recipes

Losing weight with shakes is easy and popular. You could almost say diet shakes are booming again. The reasons are many. Fast but effective weight loss is in most cases justification. That’s where the diet shakes come in handy because they’re quick to prepare and provide minerals and vitamins.

But a shake alone does not conjure up a model figure. Those who want to lose weight must also check their diet, lifestyle and physical activity. What are the weight loss drinks actually doing? And what needs to be considered during the preparation? Read what our customers say about it.

Do diet shakes really help you lose weight?

In fact, they provide energy that is better for the character than cake, pizza or bakery buns. The nutrients in the can are low in calories and provide water, ballast substances, vitamins, minerals and protein. If we drink or eat too little, the body is weakened. The consequences are for example concentration difficulties or headaches.

With a glass you can overcome the power low very quickly. There is another effect: The shakes fill you up . Especially if you are on a diet, you can eliminate the feeling of hunger with a fruity milkshake. This is also confirmed by our customers:

  • “Diet Shake Banana as a fruity thirst quencher, also mixed ready to take home for work.”
  • “Through experimentation and introspection, I’ve found that the shakes are best for satiety.”
  • “I did not miss all the light drinks for a minute during the diet or in the past two weeks and do not drink them anymore. This keeps my cravings away in the evening. “

Not everyone is enthusiastic about the powder products. That’s not bad either. Unless you are a professional strength athlete, extra products are not necessary. The building material protein is available to the body in a sufficient amount with a balanced diet and 2-3 sports days a week. There are many matching prescriptions for losing weight!

We give you some tips from our customers .

Tip 1: Mix according to your mood!

How our customers combine the amapur diet shakes:

  • “Mixing two types of shake gives a great taste experience.”
  • “I’ve always mixed diet shake strawberry and vanilla.”
  • “For later, I mix the banana with the vanilla shake.”

Tip 2: Complete as you wish!

Whether you add fruits, quark, spices, herbs or coffee, bring variety into the glass!

  • “The chocolate shake is my favorite with some cinnamon and mint.”
  • “I just made a delicious discovery. I refined the vanilla frappé with a little cinnamon. The top banger !! “
  • “Vanilla or chocolate also taste good with an espresso in it, then you have instead of his usual milk coffee a delicious vanilla / chocolate coffee :-)”
  • “I’ll try the chocolate shake with chili this afternoon, too. It’s definitely delicious! “

Tip 3: Do not just prepare with water

  • “Moccashake with ice cubes drink. Tastes like iced coffee. “
  • “Make chocolate shake with hot water and Ayurvedic spices – my favorite!”
  • “I made myself a delicious hot chocolate. Was totally easy: 1 ML Frappe chocolate in a large cup, 130 ml of hot water on it and mix with a milk frother nice creamy …. “

Fruits such as pear, melon, apple, banana or peach go well with vanilla and chocolate varieties. But also flavors such as mocha or strawberry can be varied individually with other ingredients. By adding milk, natural yoghurt, kefir, buttermilk or cottage cheese, the shake gets not only an extra protein source but a creamy consistency. The sweetness can be adjusted as you wish. If you do not like the shake, you can add some honey. Just do not use sugar, because that is how the meaning and purpose of the whole thing is lost. After all, we want to lose weight healthily.


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