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Losing weight with cinnamon | This is how the spice helps with the diet

Losing weight with cinnamon | This is how the spice helps with the diet

Losing weight with cinnamon | This is how the spice helps with the diet

A US study shows that cinnamon can be a real help in losing weight. Especially its positive effect on blood sugar levels is very useful within a diet to melt unwanted fat pads.

To lose weight with its help, it should be consumed regularly, but after a single consumption cinnamon has a positive effect.

We explain why and how exactly cinnamon helps with weight loss and what should be considered when taking and dosing.

US study: Effect of cinnamon on the metabolism

To investigate the effects of cinnamon, in a study conducted in 2007, subjects consumed 300 grams of rice puddingafter not eating for eight hours.

The researchers randomly divided the subjects into two groups. One group ate the carbohydrate-rich rice pudding pure, the other received it in addition mixed with 6 grams of cinnamon .

In all subjects the blood sugar level was measured at the same, regular intervals after consumption. The resultimpressed the American scientists: Those who ate rice pudding with cinnamon had a significantly slower and lower increase in blood sugar levels. 1

In addition, 2 other effects of cinnamon crystallized out on the metabolism, through which the weight loss can be facilitated: The spice prolongs satiety and indirectly burns calories .

The 3 effects of cinnamon to help you lose weight

1. Cinnamon lowers the blood sugar level

A constant high blood sugar level makes it difficult to lose weight because large quantities of insulin are released. Insulin is responsible for regulating the sugar balance and ensures that the absorbed carbohydrates are transported into the cells and converted into energy.

At the same time, insulin does not signal the body to use existing energy reserves , for example in the form of fat, as enough energy is present through the absorbed carbohydrates. Therefore, effective weight loss with high blood sugar levels is almost impossible.

If the blood sugar is kept low, the body burns more fat . In this way, cinnamon has a positive effect on fat metabolism, according to the findings of the study.

The spice contains MHCP (methylhydroxy-chalcone polymer), an active ingredient that accelerates and optimizes the uptake of blood sugar into the cells. Cinnamon is proven to keep both blood sugar and insulin levels low.

The trick : A lower blood sugar provides less insulin in the blood – and that means a higher fat burning. In addition, the risk for the storage of fat is minimized in this way.

Already 1 gram of cinnamon causes the blood sugar to rise slower and to a much lesser extent.

At the highest points, the blood glucose level in the test group, which took the custard without cinnamon, was over an amazing 50% higher .

2. Cinnamon improves satiety

The same US study proved that taking at least 6 grams of cinnamon significantly slows the emptying of stomach contents. Emptying the stomach contents slower than usual, this is associated with an increased feeling of satiety.

If the stomach is full for longer , further hunger cravings are delayed or reduced. Here, too, cinnamon reveals itself to be a true help in losing weight, because it demonstrably lasts longer.

Through the sweetish aroma, it also prevents food cravings, which helps cinnamon, especially in diets to withstand sugary temptations.


3. Cinnamon burns calories

Like chili, cinnamon is one of the spices that has been proven to stimulate the metabolism and to increase the body’s temperature. This accelerates the processes in the organism, for example fat burning. The body works more efficiently. Alone, the consumption already contributes to a more effective calorie burning.

If cinnamon is consumed regularly, all activities, such as climbing stairs, burn more calories.

In combination with sport, this effect proves to be particularly useful. The more active organism makes regular exercise easier with regular consumption and burns more calories .

Slimming with cinnamon: ingestion and dosage

To fully enjoy the benefits of cinnamon for weight loss, it is recommended that you take 6 grams per day . This is about a tablespoon. That sounds like a lot, but with the recipe ideas and suggestions for use (see below) easier to implement than expected.

If lower amounts are consumed, especially the effect on the gastric emptying and the increase in body temperature is significantly lower.

Best of 
all, the study also proved that cinnamon does not have to be taken regularly to lower blood sugar. Even after a single consumption of cinnamon, the blood sugar level is kept low for one to two days .

To achieve the best possible results and to reduce blood sugar permanently, daily consumption is recommended. Then the spice unfolds its full potential and helps noticeably and in the long run to lose weight.

A healthy, balanced diet is still mandatory. As part of a reduction diet, cinnamon is recommended along with a calorie deficit of about 300 calories daily.

Buy cinnamon: That must be considered

If taken regularly should be used to Ceylon cinnamon . This is now available in every supermarket and is especially recommended because of the significantly lower coumarin content. Coumarin is a phytochemical that can cause significant liver damage and is suspected to be carcinogenic.

Currently, the legal maximum level of safe coumarin is 0.1 mg / kg body weight. 2 At 75 kilograms, 7.5 mg of coumarin are considered harmless. However, 6 g of the cheaper cassia cinnamon already contain 12 mg, which is why cassia cinnamon is not suitable for long-term consumption .

Cumarin is barely contained in Ceylon cinnamon. Since the amount contained is 100 times less than that of ordinary cassia cinnamon and thus barely detectable, Ceylon cinnamon can be taken without hesitation even in larger quantities without any permanent.

On the packaging is usually marked, if it is Ceylon cinnamon. Cassia cinnamon is much cheaper to produce and rarely labeled as such because of its coumarin content.

Slimming with cinnamon: recipe ideas and use

Cinnamon can easily be mixed with almost any meal and refined with its delicious aroma numerous dishes. Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner, here are a few recommendations for using cinnamon:

  • In coffee, latte macchiato or in chai latte
  • In the morning cereal
  • In a green smoothie or fruit salad
  • In sweet potato puree or oriental curry
  • As a topping for a serving of rice pudding
  • In healthy desserts, such as chia pudding or unsweetened apple pie


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