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losing weight quickly with spices

losing weight quickly with spices

losing weight quickly with spices: Once lose weight please !? Who does not want that, at the touch of a button quickly lose weight and reach his desired weight. But how can that be done best? The view of the spice rack can help, because here is a true miracle of burning fat: cinnamon!

When we see or smell cinnamon, most people think of gingerbread and the beautiful pre-Christmas season. But that can also be reduced with the help of this spice, know the least. Due to the high content of phytochemicals in cinnamon, the blood sugar level is lowered , thereby increasing fat burning. Studies have shown that even taking one gram of cinnamon per day (equivalent to about half a teaspoon) a day, the blood sugar level drops by about 30 percent and blood lipid levels are also lowered.

The cinnamon must not be eaten pure, but may be consumed throughout the day in conjunction with individual food. For example, on the fruit salad, in coffee or tea, in quark dishes or too hearty dishes, which consist of meat or vegetables. Ideally, cinnamon also goes well with pumpkin and fruit. So just give it a try.

But other spices are not to be underestimated when it comes to the topic of weight loss. Ginger, coriander, pepper and paprika stimulate the metabolism. The burning of fat is supported by hot spices such as chili or horseradish. Fennel, anise, cumin, mustard and garlic have a digestive effect with an anti-inflammatory effect. Arugula, dandelion and stinging nettle have a filling effect.

Conclusion: During every diet and every single meal spices are not only tasty and bring a lot of variety in dishes, but they support the weight loss process and thus the success of the diet . Well then get to fruits and vegetables and the spice rack!


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