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Lose weight without exercise – an experience report

Lose weight without exercise – an experience report

The following article was written by one of our readers. Bastian is 34 years old and has been able to reduce his weight from 86 kilos to 70 kilos within five months – without any sport . As he did, he summarized in a small article, and we thought this might interest our readers.

Bastian made it through a consistent conversion of his diet and his general lifestyle, without losing any sports . For this he needed a lot of overcoming. Meanwhile, he has maintained his healthy lifestyle and keeps his weight very successful.


1- The Beginnings
2- The plan
3- Important tips

The beginnings

lose weight without a healthy dietI have been working as a freelancer for almost a year and I am working almost all day . In the lunch breaks I go with my coworkers always in a nearby canteen and feed me mainly of Schnitzel with fries. The rest of my diet can unfortunately not be considered healthy. After the work , I simply lack the strength and the motivation to be active in my sport . Since I am active on the Internet, there is always something to do on the weekend, so I do not even find time to go to the gym or to go.
About five months ago I finally decided to lose weight. I had over the years by almost no movement and bad food properly. Since I still had no time, I had to think about how I could lose without sports.

The plan

slimming with salad I simply had less food than I consumed energy during the day. First I calculated my calorie consumption per day (you can easily do this on the Internet, for example here ). My value was about 2400 calories. So if I take about 1800 to 2000 calories a day, I should lose weight.
I turned my diet very radically and got up early in the morning to prepare my food for the day. The breakfast I had failed to save extra calories . Instead of the breakfast I drank only a coffee with butter and / or coconut milk. This does not sound very tasty at first, but after a certain time you get used to it and can not do without. I always have one for noonSalad prepared . You can vary wonderfully according to your mood. Various meat varieties, seafood, vegetable varieties, various types of cheese, nuts, seeds or kernels, avocados and also the dressing prevented boredom. I was surprised at how little work it is to feed healthy. In the evening, I quickly baked vegetables and meat into the pan and fried. I must admit, however, that I do not want to do without sports in the future.

Important tips

I believe my success can be attributed to the fact that I have lived almost without carbohydrates. All the foods that contain many carbohydrates just do not make enough for the large portion of calories. Vegetables, fruits and more are simply richer and have less calories. I can only recommend anyone to omit the carbohydrates. Also, you should leave the breakfast. This is the first way to save a significant amount of calories.

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