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Lose weight into everyday life

Lose weight into everyday life

Lose weight into everyday life

If you want to lose weight, there are various ways to achieve the ambitious goal of regaining your dream weight again. Either you do a lot of sports, make the diet, or get help in the form of pills and powders. In order to be able to integrate weight loss into everyday life, the person concerned has to try to too much, too much, too quickly. Targeting its weight reduction requires a precise strategy and a strong will.

The number of overweight people worldwide is growing steadily. The body mass index (BMI), although the only measure for the allocation of overweight now highly controversial, is the basis for the classification of overweight.

slimming easily according to WHO, people with a BMI as of 25 are considered overweight. From a BMI of 35, one speaks of obesity grade II (obesity or colloquially called fatness). It is a dietary and metabolic disease, which is a risk factor for morbidity and mortality. Cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes and disorders of the skeleton are the result of overweight.

Try different ways

Obesity and obesity are problematic in most people because the wrong diet and exercise habits are usually maintained for a lifetime. Particularly obese people need professional accompaniment and a concept for the integration of an effective weight loss strategy into the everyday life.

Obese individuals, who are short-termed by diets, will soon realize that exactly the opposite is achieved. The body learns to do the same work with fewer calories. The basic conversion is screwed down. After the diet, the body processes the nutrients supplied again as usual and usually takes more than before.

remove without fatThe so-called yo-yo effect is created. Candidates who have chosen dietary supplements as a strategy will also have to find that so-called fat burners, which are intended to improve fat burning, do not have the desired effect. It is not scientifically proven that these means fulfil their purpose.

The result of a metastudy on weight loss has shown that the combination of altered eating habits and other activities not only leads to fat loss, but also promotes muscle growth. A good way to lose weight in everyday life is to walk, cycle or climb stairs. Even those who like to go to the swimming pool or dance can also dismantle a few calories. Also in classes such as Zumba, for example, the pounds are dropping.

Nutrition factor

Integrating slimming into everyday life is to be disciplined and
to ensure that the correct amount of macronutrients such as carbohydrates, protein and fat are included in the daily diet and that there is no lack of minerals or vitamins.

It has been shown by many studies that regular exercise in combination with a healthy diet has a great effect on health. The cholesterol value of the diet is particularly positive. There is usually a shift to the favourable share in the total cholesterol, the HDL (Eselsbrücke = have you dear portion). The LDL portion (bad fat) is reduced.

No matter whether you can integrate weight loss into your everyday life without doing sports or doing your diet with moderate sports, weight loss can be recorded after six months of diet. In both cases, there is a crucial, positive effect on the vital blood values, such as sugar levels and insulin levels. The fat reduction and thus the weight reduction is dependent on the metabolism and therefore also individually. The body produces many degradation products during this phase.

In order to integrate the weight loss into the daily routine, the weight reduction phase should not be forgotten by drinking 2 to 3 litres of calorie-free drinks. The supply of liquid is necessary to flush out the metabolic products produced by fat metabolism.

During the diet, especially the acid brake should be stepped, which naturally slow down the rapid fat loss. In order for the body to move as far as possible in the basic region during the dietary change, base products from the pharmacy can be added, which neutralize the developing acids inside and outside the cells.

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