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There are now many systems that promote successful weight loss. But do they really do what they promise? A system developed by doctors from the United States now promises long-lasting success – with a purchase guarantee.

Anyone who has declared war on the extra pounds this summer has certainly already been informed about the possibilities for effective weight loss. There are now a plethora of fasting and slimming diets because you can ever lose the overview. In the long run, however, they are difficult to sustain, no matter what they are. Every cure has certain rules that food must be left out or ingested. This is also the reason why they can not bring lasting success. In general, the body is given fewer calories during a weight loss diet than it is used to. Thus, although at the beginning a few pounds tumble, but then eat it back to normal, they are quickly back on the hips. One speaks of the so-called yo-yo effect.

Prohibitions do not lead to the desired success

Strict regulations and prohibitions on food are therefore not the solutions, because sooner or later they lead to frustration among the people who want to lose weight. If these rules cannot be adhered to, one falls back into old patterns and the success remains accordingly. When losing weight, it is therefore important to eat a balanced diet and not to impose prohibitions. Chocolate, chips and snacks do not have to be cut from the menu but should be consumed in moderation. Even if one is willing and motivated to lose weight, one should not reduce the daily calorie intake too much. If the calorie deficit becomes too big, the body will fall into an economy mode. It does not reduce fat but muscle mass, which is not good in the long run. Muscles have a positive effect on weight loss. because the body burns calories, even if you’re not doing sports. As you can see, there are a lot of things to consider when losing weight, so professional support can be of great help.

With Figurella to the dream figure

Figurella offers help at various levels to women who are looking for professional weight loss support. The Dr Donald Brown and his wife developed and patented system from the US is based on four cornerstones, in which the personal advice and motivation of patients is in the foreground. Active oxygen treatments and subsequent exercise program are as much a part of this as diet advice and motivational coaching. In over 30 years, Figurella has already helped 28,000 women lose weight. An impressive balance sheet that speaks for itself. The Figurella system allows healthy weight loss in small steps so that the success is permanent.

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