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Liver cancer

LIVER CANCER: Causes, Signs and Treatment


Liver cancer Definition: Liver cancer (liver cell carcinoma) produces malignant tumours from originally healthy liver cells. In most cases, the symptoms are similar to the indications of all other cancer types. First signs can be fatigue, loss of appetite and weight loss. Due to the nonspecific symptoms, liver cancer is often diagnosed only in a late stage, which significantly reduces the chances of healing. However, due to the correct treatment, the life expectancy can be extended in many patients.

In general, liver cancer distinguishes between primary and secondary liver cancer. Primary cancer of the liver is mentioned when the cancer has developed from the liver cells themselves. If in the liver, however, the breakdown of tumours in other organs, known as metastases, is referred to as secondary liver cancer. Secondary liver cancer occurs significantly more frequently in Germany than primary liver cancer.

In primary liver cancer, liver cell carcinoma, also known as hepatocellular carcinoma and bile duct carcinoma must be differentiated. Both carcinomas differ significantly in their causes, symptoms and therapy. If liver cancer is mentioned in this article, the liver cell carcinoma is meant.


Liver Cancer Causes: The risk of developing liver cancer is increased by certain diseases. For example, liver cirrhosis favours the development of liver cancer. Liver cirrhosis, in which the liver is irreversibly damaged, develops in the final stage of various liver diseases. Approximately 80 percent of liver cancer patients suffer from liver cirrhosis.

Causes are usually a chronic hepatitis B or C disease as well as an abuse of alcohol abuse. Since alcohol in the body is broken down by the liver, an excessive consumption of alcohol can cause serious damage to the organ. In the case of hepatitis infections, the duration of the disease depends above all on the extent of the damage. Persons suffering from liver cirrhosis should have their liver regularly examined so that a possible liver cancer is recognized at an early stage.

Liver cirrhosis, however, is not the only cause of liver cancer, since, in the areas where liver cancer is particularly common, it usually occurs independently of liver cirrhosis. Other possible causes of liver cancer include:

  • Iron storage (hemochromatosis)
  • Exposure to chemical substances, such as are found in solvents and pesticides
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Ingestion of sex hormones such as anabolic steroids
  • Intake of mold fungi via the food (aflatoxin)


Liver Cancer Symptoms: In the case of liver cancer, the symptoms frequently become apparent only when the disease is already relatively advanced. In the advanced stage, however, the prognosis is usually unfavourable. To increase your chances of healing, you should consult a doctor directly as soon as you experience symptoms that may indicate liver cancer.

The first signs of such a disease are mostly nonspecific, including fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, and pain in the upper abdomen. In the abdominal cavity, water accumulation (ascites) can occur. In addition, there is often a worsening of the general condition.

Likewise, liver cancer can lead to symptoms such as a yellowing of the eyes and the skin (gel), a clear, unintended weight loss as well as swelling under the right ribs. In such a case, a doctor should always be consulted and the cause of the complaints clarified.

Liver cancer


Liver Cancer Treatment: 

  • Surgery to remove a tumour: In specific circumstances, your specialist may prescribe an operation to evacuate the liver malignancy and a little bit of sound liver tissue that encompasses it if your tumour is little and your liver capacity is great. Regardless of whether this is a possibility for you additionally relies upon the area of your tumour inside the liver, how well your liver powers and your general wellbeing.
  • Liver transplant surgery: liver transplant surgery, your sick liver is evacuated and replaced with a liver from a suitable donor. Liver transplant surgery is just a possibility for a little level of individuals with the beginning period liver tumour.
  • Radiation treatment: This treatment utilizes powerful vitality from sources, for example, X-beams and protons to annihilate malignancy cells and psychologist tumors. Specialists precisely guide the vitality to the liver, while saving the encompassing sound tissue. A particular sort of radiation treatment, called stereotactic radiosurgery, includes centring many light emissions at the same time at one point in your body.
  • Warming carcinomas: In a strategy called radiofrequency removal, electric current is utilized to warm and annihilate growth cells. Utilizing a ultrasound or CT check as a guide, your specialist embeds at least one thin needles into little entry points in your stomach area. At the point when the needles achieve the tumor, they’re heated with an electric current, annihilating the growth cells.
  • Solidifying malignancy cells: Cryoablation utilizes extraordinary icy to decimate malignancy cells. Amid the method, your specialist puts an instrument (cryoprobe) containing fluid nitrogen straightforwardly onto liver tumours. Ultrasound pictures are utilized to direct the cryoprobe and screen the solidifying of the cells.
  • Infusing alcohol into the tumour:  Amid alcohol infusion, unadulterated liquor is infused specifically into tumours, either through the skin or amid an operation. Liquor makes the tumour cells pass on.
  • Infusing chemotherapy drugs into the liver: Chemoembolization is a sort of chemotherapy treatment that provisions solid against disease sedate straightforwardly to the liver.

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