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It's better not to drive a car with these drugs

It’s better not to drive a car with these drugs

It’s better not to drive a car with these drugs

Cold and driving do not match. Many drugs contain drugs that have a negative impact on reactivity.Caution is advised not only for cough turtles and combination preparations. When you catch a cold, better keep your hands off the steering wheel.

Every second drug sold in German pharmacies is a non-prescription drug. According to the Federal Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, preparations for cold and flu symptoms, analgesics and medicines for muscle and joint complaints are in demand. But as helpful as these preparations may be in the fight against the unpleasant cold symptoms: Many affect the concentration and the ability to react and have a sleep-promoting effect.

Many cough suppressants impair responsiveness

So also the active ingredient used in cough syringes Codeine, which also reduces the ability of the eyes to adjust to changing light conditions. Especially at night and on dark autumn and winter days this can be a problem.Experts advise that it is best to take cough suppressants in the evening before bedtime. Or to leave the car.

Cold Remedy: Take care with these agents

In addition to codeine, other active ingredients used in cold remedies can lead to dizziness and a prolonged reaction time. These include dextromethorphan, diphenhydramine, doxylamine and pseudoephedrine. However, you do not have to be aware of the active substances: Manufacturers must indicate in the package leaflet if a medicinal product has an effect on the ability to drive. Then you should do without the car.

Driving with medicines: Look carefully at combined preparations

You should also look carefully at combined preparations, as they contain a mix of different active ingredients. In addition to short-term stimulating substances such as caffeine may also be contained soothing and sleep-promoting agents. The likelihood of taking an agent that interferes with concentration at the wheel is high.

Risky at the wheel: Some sleep aids are still effective the next morning

What many underestimate: Sleeping pills that help to sleep through can still be effective the next morning.Dizziness, difficulty concentrating and dizziness are possible consequences. In traffic this can be dangerous. But even if machines have to be operated or the sick person works by hand, that is risky. Two possible drugs used in sleep aids are doxylamine succinate and diphenhydramine. Diphenhydramine is also used against nausea. Herbal alternatives such as valerian and hops may also affect your ability to react. Anyone who takes sleeping pills or preparations with sedative agents, should read carefully in the package insert, when it is roadworthy again.

Interactions can be critical when driving

Another risk is that different medications reinforce each other. A pain reliever with the active ingredient diclofenac in combination with a benzodiazepine as a sedative can reduce the ability to react so much that you simply drive straight on in the next corner, the ADAC warns in his guidebook “drugs in traffic”. In addition, many flu remedies are not compatible with antihypertensives. Fatigue and cardiac arrhythmias can be the result, as pharmacists warn. If you are already taking other medicines, you should always discuss the use of other medicines with your doctor to prevent any interaction.

A cold? In no case should you drive a car if …

  • the package leaflet states that the medication taken affects the ability to drive
  • the medicine contains alcohol
  • you feel exhausted, tired, dizzy and dizzy
  • you have a fever
  • severe pain such as headaches and body aches occur
  • severe coughing and sneezing, as well as constant nasal running, accompany the cold
  • There is nausea
  • you take a new medicine or adjust the dosage and do not know how the body reacts

In the acute phase of the disease, it is generally best to stay in bed. Then the ability to concentrate is severely limited even without medication. Anyone who is unsure about their ability to drive certain medicines should ask their doctor or pharmacist.

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