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Heavy sweat on the hands or underarms quickly becomes a problem. For example, there is a risk that conversation partners refuse to shake hands with you. To prevent this unpleasant scenario, we list the best tips against heavy sweating for you. In this way, you manage to get through the day without annoying perspiration and to avoid telltale odours.

What helps against heavy sweating?

If you notice that you are suffering from increased perspiration on the palms, forehead or underarms, you should first get a mild antiperspirant. Predominantly deodorant scooters with essences of aloe vera or chamomile are suitable. These active ingredients have a soothing effect on the skin and ensure a soft and healthy complexion. This reduces the irritation of the sweat glands and you transpire less.

If you are one of those people who perspire heavily without physical exertion, the experts call the condition hyperhidrosis. The reason is not that you have more sweat glands. Instead, they show a higher activity, which leads to the strong sweat.

A good way to block the excessive production of sweat is Anticholinergics. These are special agents that dampen the activity of the sweat pores. However, with acetylcholine, there is a risk that the autonomic nervous system will receive erroneous signals. This leads to the following side effects:

    • a dry mouth,
    • a scratchy neck,
    • stomach pain
    • as well as tachycardia.

Are there immediate solutions against heavy sweating?

If you want a timely solution to prevent sweating, use powder, for example. By applying the cosmetic article you block the sweat glands, so you sweat less. You will also find a quick solution against heavy sweating on the website

Here you buy the product “Zero stop it”, which is a practical deodorant scooter. The antiperspirant inhibits perspiration and thus ensures dry armpits. In addition to the simple payment, you can enjoy a 30-day warranty on the website. If the deodorant scooter does not work during the period, you will receive your money back.

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