Hydrojet - an effective application

Hydrojet – an effective application

Hydrojet – an effective application

No, Hydrojet is not a watercraft! It is a medical treatment where you lie down on a lounger. Then there is a relaxation treatment by water pressure. Both a water massage and a heat therapy can be performed with a modern hydrojet.

Therapeutic full body massages or partial body massages through targeted hydropower is the key to a pleasant relaxation of the muscles. The highlight of the matter: A water massage without changing or showering! Due to the additional effect of heat, a hydrojet is especially effective for tensions and cramps.

It is, so to speak, an “overwater massage” in which warm jets of water (usually 31 to 33 degrees Celsius) strike the underside of the mattress surface in uniform movements. By controlling a nozzle carriage, the massage can be adjusted individually to the pain region. For example, the adjustment can be made over the entire body, upper body or, if necessary, also at specific points.

“Our initial ideas and expectations of a meaningful addition to the classic massage program are fully met,” Dr. med. Wolfgang Veen (doctor of orthopedics and surgery in St. Augustin) his experiences with a hydrojet device. “The therapeutic effect is convincing”.

What exactly does Hydrojet treatment do? According to the practice Dr. Buchholz und Partner (Specialists in Orthopedics, Surgery and Traumatology) “improves blood circulation in the skin, muscles and internal organs. This leads to a better dissipation of the tissue fluid and the oxygen-poor blood, to a normalization of muscle tone and to reduce tension. In addition, the connective tissue is strengthened and slags are broken down. ”

Although various types of Hydrojet devices have been in use in Germany for a long time – in doctors’ offices as well as in clinics or SPA hotels – relatively little information is available on the Internet. Also, it is difficult to find meaningful study results on this application.


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