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How to Remove Earwax Blockage at Home

How to Remove Earwax Blockage at Home

How to Remove Earwax Blockage at Home

Even if earwax is an annoying matter for many people, earwax is an important self-cleaning system of our body and at the same time a protective function. If you want to remove earwax, there are many methods to choose from – cotton swabs are by the way the worst choice. How do you clean your ears properly? What will help if earwax collapses? Is there a risk of hearing impairment? More about this in the following article.

What is earwax?

Earwax, known as cerumen in the medical language, is a secretion of the mucous glands, the glandules ceruminosae, which are located in the external auditory canal, and represent a modified sweat gland. The function of earwax is to keep different parts of the ear moistened and protect against external environmental influences: dust, dirt, dead skin cells as well as other foreign substances are bound by the earwax and can not enter the interior. In addition, an important ingredient of earwax is the “lysozyme”, an antibacterial enzyme of the immune system. This prevents bacteria from entering the auditory canal.

Other ingredients are:

  • cholesterol
  • cholesterol ester
  • free fatty acids
  • hydroxy
  • triglycerides
  • Carboxylic acid ester
  • squalene
  • hydrocarbons

The genes play an essential role in the production of earwax, and can be responsible for the dry and moist form of earwax. Moistural lard has a yellowish to dark brown color and is oily-sticky because it contains a large proportion of unsaturated fatty acids. In the case of moist earwax, this is the more dominant form. Dry earwax is rarely present – the proportion of the dry form in Europe is 3% – and contains a high proportion of saturated fatty acids, whereby the earwax is whitish colored.

Why remove earwax?

Why should one remove earwax, if it is useful and has a protective function? The answer: You should not! If one is even exaggerated in the course of the ear cleaning, the consequences may be aching ears because the body lacks the necessary earwax. If earwax is formed to a healthy extent, it is recommended to clean only the external auricle or the cerumen which is visible before the external auditory canal. In this way, the natural protective function can be maintained.

People who are prone to overproduction of earwax are jeopardized by the fact that earwax accumulates in the auditory canal and forms a so-called earwax graft – the auditory canal is closed in this case and can lead to a temporary hearing impairment until hearing loss. But not only people who are prone to cerumen overproduction are at risk, but also those who use cotton swabs for the cleaning of the ears and inadvertently push the earwax into the auditory canal until it is completely closed.

Methods for earwax removal

Among the most common methods to remove earwax, include:

ear irrigation

A classic method of removing earwax without pain is the purging of the ear, which is also carried out by the ENT physician: the earwax is rinsed out of the ear with the help of water. A very safe and very effective method that can be carried out easily at home.


The use of ear droppings causes earwax to become softer and easier to dissolve – a supportive method for the reduction of the ear, which can be used in combination with the ear cleaner. In a number of studies, rare side effects have rarely occurred with the use of ear drops. Among the rare side effects were itching, skin irritation, dizziness as well as inflammation of the auditory canal.

ear cleaner

With special ear cleaners made of stainless steel and formed into a curette, softened earwax can be removed. However, you should be cautious, as there is a risk of injury.

ear spray

Ear spray is the alternative to ear drops, with the difference that ear spray contains sea water and thus the skin in the auditory can be less strongly attacked. Ear spray can be used daily and is a useful tool to soften ear wax and facilitate removal. After this, you can perform an ear irrigation or remove the earwax with the ear cleaner.

Professional ear cleaning

If your ears are aching, you have the feeling that you have a limited ability to hear, do not help yourself, and you do not have to rely on ear cleansing, then you should not hesitate to consult an ENT physician Alternative – better than to mess around with yourself and to treat with critical home remedies yourself. A special instrumentarium can be used to suck up the ear lard and to clean the external auditory canal.

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