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Some short hair hairstyles are very idiosyncratic and ask for clarification on the question of how to raise hair properly? This is important not only for daily hairstyling but also for special occasions. Especially gentlemen are very critical in the choice of the modern short haircut. Not only ladies always want to be smart and stylish, but meanwhile also most of the male beauty fans. Well-groomed appearance is important in many daily areas, but at the latest when parties are announced at the weekend, the gentlemen come with the question of the right hairdressing styling in connection. One gel is not like the other, also hair wax and other remedies are available.

Shorthair hairstyles and the question of how to raise hair properly?

There are meter-by-meter shelves in the drugstores with the corresponding beauty articles. In addition to hairspray in various strengths, there are also hair wax and various gels for applying and fixing the hair. How do you find out the right remedy?


  • Hair gel is available in different strengths, these are enough to produce the so-called wet look, or to give the hair strength and stability. These gels are divided into hardness levels and labelled with numbers 1-5. 5 is the strongest level and is also known as Ultra Strong.
  • Similar to hair gel, hair spray has been subdivided into hardening stages, here there is hairspray for a natural fit or for a firm hold. This can still be distinguished by the name strong, hair lacquer ensures a glossy finish of the hairstyle.

Freshly washed hair is unfortunately bad to style hairstyles. Of course, you do not want to go with unwashed hair to the date or party, so you should do without a conditioner, so a conditioner or a cure after shampooing. These soften the hair and then they can not be worked on with the firming products without collapsing after a short time.

How do you set hair up properly and then continue to style it?

Not only the gentlemen want by the chic short haircut an answer to the question, how to raise hair properly? In preparation for the desired hairstyle, an answer to this question is also helpful in the area of women’s hair fashion. Up-to-date hairstyles and teased hairstyles are a great wish of some women. To bring this style of hairstyle to advantage, an Antoupieren the individual strands is beneficial. Thereafter, the hair can be further processed to the desired hairstyles and offer in the end the perfect beauty.

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