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How to lose weight with Schuessler salts

How to lose weight with Schuessler salts

How to lose weight with Schuessler salts

In 1821 the father of the Schuessler Salts was born, Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler. He recognized early on the effect of health promoting minerals. The corresponding salts should be taken in a homeopathic dosage, but what does it promise? According to information, colds and other diseases are caused by a non-intact mineral household. Since the body cells absorb minerals through Schuessler salts, they can regenerate themselves independently.


Lose weight with Schuessler salts

If you have problems to reach your ideal line can give you the Schuessler salts yeasts. It sounds funny, but it is possible to take off salt! You can compensate for strenuous sports with Schuessler salts. Sometimes a deficient mineral is the reason why your body is losing too little fat. Also the metabolism is slowed, but this is relevant for healthy and fast weight loss, with Schuessler salts you can support your body! Do you have times more hotter? This is also due to a lack of mineral oil, as your body supplies the missing minerals to the cells. Depending on the metabolism, it is necessary to take the right salts to reach his dream figure.

This causes Schuessler salts in your body
• Increases metabolism
• Promotes the burning of fat
• Reduces the risk of hot hunger


The list of the Schuessler salts and what these effect.

1. Calcium fluoratum
2. Calcium phosphoricum
3. Ferrum phosphoricum
4. Potassium chloratum
5. Potassium phosphoric
6. Potassium
sulphate 7. Magnesium phosphoricum
8. Sodium chloratum
9. Sodium phosphoricum
10. Sodium sulfuricum
11. Silicea
12. Calcium sulfuricum
13. Potassium arsenicosum
14. Potassium bromatum
15. Potassium iodatum
16. Lithium chloratum
17. Manganum sulfuricum
18. Calcium sulfuratum
19. Cuprum arsenicosum
20. Potassium aluminum
21. sulfuricum
22. Zincum chloratum
23. Calcium carbonicum
24. Sodium bicarbonicum
25. Arsenum iodatum
26. Aurum chloratum
27. Selenium 28. Potassium bichromicum


The correct use of Schuessler salts

The Schuessler salts are available in the form of tablets, this is the most popular and popular form of intake. The basis of the tablets consists of milk sugar, these are offered in different potencies. In the foreground are the powers D3, D6, D12the most used is the D6 potency.

But what do people with lactose intolerance do? Also this is not a problem, Schuesslersalts are also available in the form of globules or even drops. It is recommended to take 5 globules or 5 drops, this may also vary. We recommend reading the package insert to ensure correct application.
Now we come to the most used application of the Schuessler salts for weight loss. It is the intake of,

  • 4 to 6 times a day up to 3 tablets recommended (Please check package insert).

Swallow the tablets best with a glass of water, which will then dissolve on the way to the stomach.


What about the use of several salts?

It is not a problem to take several Schüssler salts, you should take three tablets per salt. That is, if you have three different salts, take three tablets of each salt type. For which salts you choose, you are entirely left to your own choice, with our Schüssler salt list you can choose the appropriate salt varieties for your needs.


Are Schüssler salts suitable for children?

Yes, even for children the application is suitable, here is basically the same. Take the tablet with a glass of water. Depending on the age of the children, you can use the Schüssler sallet differently. It is recommended to take 3 – 4 tablets a day.


What happens with an overdose?

An overdose of Schüssler salts is not recommended, although it is a homeopathic product, it can have negative effects on your body. In some cases, one tablet was taken every 10 minutes without any signs of side effects .

How to lose weight with Schuessler salts

Buy or order Schüssler salts but where?

You can order the salts in Austria, Sweat and Germany prescription free or also buy. Please note that these minerals require pharmacies! If you buy your Schüssler salts from online pharmacies or in the pharmacy around the corner, you can rest assured that a good quality of the salts is ensured. The production of the salts in Germany is regulated according to certain regulations according to HAB (Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia). What a good quality ensured. We would be happy to recommend some cheap online pharmacies for Schüssler Salts after intensive research.


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