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How to Lose weight with Green tea

How to Lose weight with Green tea

Firstly, the important information about green tea. The green tea has varied and different ingredients that significantly affect the metabolism for this reason, the slimming with green tea is possible.

First of all, I would like to tell you something about the green tea. The tea leaves are briefly heated after the picking or dampened for this reason the active ingredients are contained in the tea leaves.

Thousands of years ago the tea plant was cultivated in China. In the same century the tea was transported by monks to Japan, where a new form of tea preparation was introduced.

One of the most important ingredients of the reasons of tea is the stimulating caffeine. The content of the caffeine varied according to the green tea. The amino acids present in the green tea are important for the taste.

Green tea for losing weight?

It is definitely possible, due to the different ingredients, the tea has a positive effect on the metabolism. The healing effect of green tea has been known for thousands of years. Since the tea has many nutrients, the green tea has been given curative effects. Many use green tea for slimming but why? The tea plant has almost no calories, so it does not negatively affect the energy of the human body.

The bitter substances of the green tea prevent the appetite for sweets and are good for the liver. In addition, green tea is a thermogenic effect, for this reason, the energy budget is heard and fat burnt. Green tea has the effect of hypotension, which is due to the ingredients polyphenols and mainly catechins. It should also be noted that green tea is a good help for losing weight but is not a substitute! For a healthy and balanced diet, only green tea is no substitute for losing weight.


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