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How to lose weight quickly: Best Method

How to lose weight quickly: Best Method

Weight reduction and partner mediation are the dominant themes in advertising around the year. This is the time when these industries are booming. People are thinking about what and how they want to change something. This is perfectly fine!

Making good resolutions is complicated. Hardly any of us knows the problems in this context. Especially the topic of weight reduction contains gigantic stumbling blocks. Quickly, the motivation that would have been enough to reach something properly is fast. Lust becomes frustration!

Fitness guru readers know that you do not have to set diffuse but clear objectives. Objectives that are measurable. In order not to fail due to overstated and unrealistic targets, it is essential to know what is going on!

What can be achieved in the field of fitness?

So much is clear: Pinocchio’s thin brother will never be a “Beach – Arnold” within a summer holiday period of four weeks. Even if many would wish!

But what is realistic? How much can you lose weight? How many muscles can you build? In this part, we take care of the weight reduction.

10 kilos in 4 weeks

An unmistakable feature of a perfectly untrustworthy method is an adventurous promise. Using the most elusive methods is simply trying to pull the money out of the pocket of the people suffering from weight problems. Often you lose not only money but also massively put health at risk. In the best case, you tap into the “Jojo trap”.

Let’s get to the point!

The human body consists of 70% water. We all know the boxer who sweats a day before his fight, which gives the pores to get into a lower weight class. There are often 3 kg and more.

Our body stores a certain amount of carbohydrates in the muscles and the liver ( glycogen ). Normal mortals are blessed with approximately 300 – 400 g of stored glycogen. To bind one gram of glycogen, 2.7g of water is required. If you empty the reservoirs and do not refill them (eg low-carb), 1 kg-1.5 kg weight loss is quickly added.

We all carry a lot of weight in the stomach and intestine with us. Some 1 kg, others up to 4 kg.

It is already clear that you can reduce the weight of your weight in an extremely short time without affecting something positive! Ruckzuck are 6 kg and more away. We are really not really primarily about weight reduction, but about fat loss! And fat we have not lost much by this time. In the worst case, certain crash dieters even lead us to lose valuable muscle through a lack of protein. Musculature, which consumes in calm energy and is decisive for a sporty, athletic appearance.

What is a kilogram of abdominal fat?

Now you are sure that this is a rhetorical question! From the article ” Worth knowing about calories ” you know that 1 g of fat provides 9.3 kcal. In order to lose one kilogram of fat, you would have to burn 1000 X 9.3 = 9300 Kcal. The value you have but never seen in this context. 7000 already rather! There is something wrong?

Adipose tissue does not consist of 100% fat but 80%, which is stored in the tissue. The remaining 20% consists of proteins and water. Now you have to do it per kilogram of adipose tissue “only” with about 800g of fat. This results in a value of about 7000 kcal, which must be consumed in order to get rid of the unwanted cushion.

Note: For professionals, it is noted that the removal of the tissue and the release of energy from the fat also consume energy. Therefore, the purely mathematical value (800 X 9,3 = 7440 kcal) is corrected accordingly downwards.

How much is fat reduction now realistic?

Assume that you can achieve a fat reduction of 250g to 500g per week by healthy means. If we look again at what we have said about the adipose tissue, this corresponds to a weight loss of about 300 to 600 g. Does not it sound like much? Oh, it’s a lot. After all, it’s all about the fat. You will, and you will not be able to completely prevent this, also lose muscle mass and, of course, water.

1 kg weight loss in a week is thus feasible.

How can I reduce body fat?

The famous energy deficit brings you to your goal. You need to consume more energy than you take to you. There are two ways to do this.

Either you reduce the intake of your calories or you make by more movement for the energy requirement is higher.

Important tips/notes:

Take a week of inventory to see what you are doing to energy at all. Often there are already very simple ways to save energy enormously, without really having to give up a lot!
Nutrition stands clearly in position 1 with regard to weight and fat reduction!
Make sure you eat protein and take a lot of vegetables and certain fruit varieties.
By sport , you use additional energy and show your body that he should not touch the muscles. If you do not exercise the diet enormously on the muscles and we do not want to lose! Make sure that the muscles are properly required. The body MUST notice that it needs its muscles.
Drink enough ( water, unsweetened herbal tea, … ) and use the saturation and support your kidneys.

How to lose weight quickly: Best Method


Survey every allegedly spectacular new diet! Weight reduction is not equal to fat reduction. Go the matter slowly and set realistic goals, where you start from about 500g fat reduction per week. Control your diet so that you reach a corresponding energy deficit. 4000 to 5000 saved calories and 2 to 3 times a week Sport should be enough to reduce the weight by one kilogram. Sport is good because of the additional energy consumed, because of the signals for your body not to break down valuable muscles, indispensable. To protect the muscles, put the emphasis on your diet on protein. Support the metabolism with sufficient fluid.

Make sure you do not put too much pressure on yourself. Do you realize that you can only do sports twice a week? No problem! Can you not reduce the calories by 5000 a week? No problem!

You still have the option to screw on a parameter. This parameter is called time and will also help you reach your goal. We know all those who are jumped out of the school at school as if they were struck by the tarantula. Completely finished the “sports grenades” after a short time remained. The leisurely runner smiles and overcuts. Be the leisurely runner! 😉

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