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how to lose weight in autumn | 2017

how to lose weight in autumn 2017 | Diet Plan

how to lose weight in autumn 2017 | Diet Plan

how to lose weight in autumn: On the 1st of September 2013 is the beginning of the meteorological autumn. Did you know that autumn has the same linguistic-historical origin as the English word harvest “crop”, Latin “carpere” “pick” or Greek karpós “fruit, yield” has? No wonder that September is the most beautiful month of the year for many people. The temperatures are not so hot, everywhere it is blooming and it’s harvest time.

We have 3 tips for you to provide the body with vital vitamins and minerals as well as healthy fiber and phytochemicals.

Diet tip 1: Fresh harvest salad as a crunchy appetizer

Salads bring variety. Batavia, endive, field or lettuce are in season in September. Whether colorful or smooth, they provide low calorie but valuable nutrients. Depending on the variety, vitamin B1, B2, B6 as well as vitamin C, minerals, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, but also trace elements, such as iron, which is helpful in the formation of blood.

Preparation for the starter: Wash the salad of your choice, cut into small pieces and add some smoked salmon, ham, cheese or pasta as you like. Arrange with vinegar, oil, some fresh lemon and spices and enjoy.

Diet tip 2: Fresh beans as a main course

Every little boy a little son? Anyway, it’s bean time. Yellow, green, round, wide, long or short, the slender rod provides high-quality proteins, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and B vitamins. Depending on the variety and preparation, beans provide between 30-100 calories per 100 grams. Very suitable are legumes for diabetics and people who prefer a vegetarian, vegan or low-meat diet.

Preparation: Clean the beans and cook as usual with savory. Depending on your preference as a vegetable side dish to a piece of chicken or sautéed with a little bacon. Alternatively, a stew tastes good.

Weight loss tip 3: Pears and apples are fruity slimming products in autumn

Apples and pears are among the most popular local fruits. Therefore, access is often allowed.

Sweet and low in calories, because 100 g of apples provide approx. 54 kcal and 100 g pear approx. 55 kcal. Do not forget to wash, of course. Ideal as a snack, in cereal or as a healthy dessert. Incidentally, pears contain little fruit acid and are therefore somewhat more compatible.

Preparation for a fruit yoghurt: Depending on the amount, simply mix natural yoghurt (eg 2-3 small cups) and fruits of your choice (1 pear and 1 apple) with a little honey and enjoy.

Losing weight fast without sports – is that possible?

Unfortunately we have to disappoint you. Our tip : Take advantage of the slow change in the weather! The temperatures are already pleasant, so you can do sports regularly again.

Whether you try a new sport or start again – without movement, nothing will change on the scale! A gym offers many options and is independent of the weather throughout the year. It’s worth registering! Try the courses offered such as: B. Crossfit, Tae Bo, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba and Spinning Just try.

If you like the motivation in the group and do not want to pay expensive monthly fees, you can also look for offers from sports clubs or community colleges. The main thing is fun!

What can you do for the character in the fall? Ignore the sweets in the supermarket. If there are already first Christmas treats on the shelf, let them lie!


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