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How to Lose weight Fast?

How to Lose weight Fast?

How to Lose weight Fast?

Lose weight quickly without damage – in a week 5 kilo? – How fast can you lose weight?

If you get the weight loss because it is tired of your fat pads, you want to lose weight fast, slim and often also get rid of your belly fat. From then on, the question, ‘How do I quickly take off?’, Leaves him no more.

Many people would be happy if they were to make their bodies fat at all and eventually lose weight, albeit slowly.

Often in focus: Fast weight loss on the abdomen – legs, buttocks typical women – Many men want to get six pack
There are also almost always certain body parts in focus, which one would like to have different, such as the abdominal region. According to surveys, fast slimming on the abdomen is often desired. Many men also want a washboard belly, so, would be a sixpack, in a nutshell. Women usually have a slender flat stomach. Legs, buttocks and especially the slimming on the thighs have just as high a value as lose their fat.

But which is the best method for losing weight without having a yojo effect? And how fast can you lose weight? Is this also possible in certain places? Is it possible to take the belly off?
There is no lack of dubious illusions. They range from simple slimming plan, special foods and recipes for weight loss, sensational weight loss tips, dietary tips for fast diets such as the 17 day diet or even 7 days diet or various flash diets, fatkiller, powder for weight loss, dietary supplements for weight loss, , up to the ultimate Radikaldiät and one, it is hardly believed, slimming in sleep .

What does science say about ‘ losing weight, but how and at what maximum speed’? Here are the facts:

Can you quickly and effectively lose 5 kilos, in a week?

If you do not eat, you can quickly lose 5 kilos, without sports, even in just one week. But mainly by loss of glycogen, water and muscle mass, but with just under 1 kg of fat! And only once, that is, as an initial rapid weight loss. If you are normal again, glycogen plus water are re-built / stored and the old weight is quickly recovered, with the exception of the lost muscle mass and the one kilo of fat loss.

Why is the fat loss so fast, fast losing weight so hard?

Calculation of possible fat loss:
One kilogram of body fat contains about 7000 kcal of energy. A low-calibre normal person consumes about 2000 kcal per day, ie about 14000 kcal per week. So you could theoretically reduce two kilos of fat a week.

Practically, the body fat energy can be consumed almost only by muscle work. Because the brain and various processes need glucose or carbohydrates. If too little is eaten, the body first builds up its glycogen stores (glycogen = storage form of glucose, is combined with water mainly stored in the liver and muscles). In the case of untrained persons, they contain about 2000 kcal. Due to this degradation, one can lose up to 2 kilos once in one day in the extreme case, but to a large extent by water loss and without losing any body fat .

Lose weight by muscle breakdown rather than fat loss

If the glycogen stores are exhausted, the body mainly converts proteins from the muscle and only a small amount of body fat to glucose. The missing 12,000 kcal of the energy requirement of the week are won mainly by muscle reduction (1-kilo muscle mass contains about 4000 kcal) and hardly by fat burning by muscle work. With little movement, the weight will lose much more by muscle degradation than by fat loss.

One can only radically decrease for a short time

If half the 12,000 kcal, ie 6000 kcal, from body fat related, one could theoretically per week just a kilo of body fat, if one does not eat anything. But only with the harmful loss of muscle mass. This will not only make you weaker. It also decreases the future energy consumption because of muscles, in contrast to body fat, also consume some energy in the resting state. In addition, it can not radically decrease in the long term. Because with empty glycogen stores one quickly gets immense hot starvation.

Dangerous: In the case of radicals, exercise stimulates fat burning
Through sports and muscle work, the fat burning can be excellently stimulated. However, if this is attempted during periods of hunger, there is a risk of damage to health and accidents. Often, it causes discomfort, weakness in performance, circulatory problems or even impotence. Sport without eating and drinking is extremely unhealthy.

If, however, at least the carbohydrates required by the body and the protein necessary for maintaining the muscle are attended, the loss of fat falls less than calculated above.

Sustainable removal very quickly without sports is not possible

It is therefore hardly possible to lose only one or two kilos of body fat per week. Unless one is trained and is doing very intensive endurance sport taking the necessary carbohydrates and proteins.

Fast weight loss without significant fat loss by fat burning brings only disadvantages

If the scales show a rapid weight loss at the beginning, which can be as much as 5 kg after a week of radical fasting, remember: most of the lost water is followed by muscle loss and less content in the digestive tract. Fat loss by fat burning makes up the smallest part.

When you eat back to normal, your old weight quickly settles as before. Because their body consumes even less energy because of a lower muscle mass and also reduces its thermal basic turnover for a while, it places more supplies than before, mainly as a fat pad. Any kind of radicalism is therefore harmful and completely meaningless.

How can you permanently reduce fat and permanently lose weight?

This is only slowly and mainly through a permanent change of diet. Important is also more movement. The movement can also stimulate the metabolism and stimulate the burning of fat by extensive sports or intensive weight loss training. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that you move at least an extra hour per day.

Without hunger and fatigue accelerate fat loss

It would be completely wrong, however, to eat so little that you can just stand hunger and exercise as long and intensively as your body does.

Because you behave optimally, it can starve the fat loss without and speed with only slight additional physical exercise 2 to 3 kilos per month.

The most important thing is:

  • how to exercise physically in such a way that a maximum of fat loss is achieved with a minimum of effort and time expenditure, also by using special metabolic effects.
  • how the hormonal balance, in particular, the blood glucose/insulin regulation, is influenced to accelerate the fat breakdown,
  • how often and at which times one eats.
  • what you eat (food and fat that do not make fat).

To state this in detail would, however, be beyond the scope of the article. The decisive knowledge about this can be better conveyed by other publications, such as the very successful, holistic weight loss compendium described here.

The healthy, proper diet for weight loss

A healthy diet for weight loss has low calories with high nutrient content (vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients). It can be tasty and versatile. One can lose weight without starving and without supplementing the diet with any powder for losing weight . Furthermore, movement is very important to prevent any muscle breakdown.

For muscles are not stressed, the body reduces their mass. However, the more the muscles have to be stressed or worked on the other hand, the stronger their structure is stimulated. As the muscle mass increases, the energy consumption increases and one can decrease accordingly. Furthermore, the thermal insulation effect of the grease pads is reduced with the grease removal. The body must then ‘heat’ more to maintain the body temperature. This makes it even easier to lose weight.

Can you specifically remove the belly?

Targeting only the abdominal fat is not possible. For training the abdominal muscles, a new ‘ six-pack training ‘, strengthens the abdominal muscles. But the energy for it is not primarily burned by belly fat. Also the weight loss on the belly cannot be controlled specifically via the diet or miraculous aids such as a high-tech waist belt for weight loss.

But it can be reduced faster on the stomach than on other fat pads. Because the actually quite unhealthy belly fat has very special characteristics.

Reduce belly fat goes faster than fat loss otherwise

In contrast to the passive adipose tissue directly under the skin, the visceral abdominal fat is an active tissue. It encloses organs such as liver and pancreas and enlarges the perimeter of the abdomen.

However, this primaeval survival benefit also has side effects. Thus, it can worsen the blood fat levels. In addition, abdominal fat emits inflammation-promoting messengers and hormones, impairs blood pressure and glucose and improves the risk of diabetes.

Losing weight on the belly is easier since abdominal fat is metabolically active. Precisely because the belly fat is so metabolically active, however, it is also broken down when the energy requirement is increased. Properly designed fatigue promoting muscle growth by muscle, therefore, first builds more abdominal fat, than other body fat. If you want to reduce your belly fat , do well to move more and with the right sporting timing persevering. A topic which is also dealt with in the above-mentioned training and weight loss compendium.

For today it is known that the fat burning by the body does not necessarily begin after 30 minutes of activity, as previously suspected. Depending on activity patterns, it can be used much earlier and can be enhanced by properly designed interval loads.

According to a Europe-wide long-term study on body weight and alcohol consumption, women are more likely to become a ‘beer belly’ than men.

The reason for the unwanted rescue rings is the regular distribution of the body fat in women. This is influenced by the consumption of alcohol, so that the body fat is deposited in the form of abdominal fat, wrote the scientists involved in the study in the journal ‘European Journal of Clinical Nutrition’. By drinking beer, the belly fat grows more totally faster, as by other alcoholic beverages, in women as in men. The differences in the circumference of the abdomen were not large, but unambiguous. Therefore, according to Manuela Bergmann of the German Institute for Nutrition Research, they could be relevant to public health.

How is it with a targeted fat loss in non-abdominal fat?

Eliminate fat on other parts of the body, such as removing it only from the thigh, is not possible. For where fat is stored and then degraded, it is genetically determined. Passive body fat can be reduced only holistically by healthy slimming without a yo-yo effect. Physical exercises for weight loss, no matter what kind, do not cause a single fat loss only in the environment of the respectively loaded muscles. The energy-supplying fat burning extends, if it is at all, to the whole body, although not uniformly.

Fat loss with overweight is undoubtedly healthy

Already five to ten kilos less body fat improves the effect of the blood glucose regulating insulin according to the German Society for Nutrition (DGE) and lowers the risk for cardiovascular diseases.

Conclusion: What really helps with losing weight?

Losing weight makes sense only if you can permanently lose fat and keep your muscle mass or better still further. “Healthy” and fast fat – more than approx. 0.7 kg fat per week – goes only with properly designed, intensive Ausdauersport, is therefore hardly possible for untrained.

Slow and healthy weight loss without starving, by changing the diet and more exercise, is quite simple. A big problem for many people is, however, the motivation for losing weight, in order to last the whole thing permanently.

Septic methods and means of weight loss can be seen in fantastic ‘fast slimming’ promises. The providers are usually just about to pull the money out of their pockets.

How to Lose weight Fast?

Slim, flat stomach or six-pack without belly fat reduce not reachable

If a slender, flat stomach is important or who wants to get a six pack, must first reduce his belly fat. Because the belly fat not only increases the waist circumference. It partly superimposed and obscured the abdominal muscles. However, you can not specifically target the abdominal fat, for example as a side effect of the Sixpack training or exercises for a flat stomach. Only in the context of holistic slimming can the abdominal fat be reduced. However, the body, fortunately, leaves the belly fat when losing weight by persisting sports, which can stimulate the metabolism and boost the fat burning, preferentially fade before other fat pads.

Targeted fat removal in non-abdominal areas not possible

Moreover, it is not possible to move the body biologically or mechanically, for example through the special design of exercises for weight loss, in other places primarily to reduce the fat.

Scientifically Proven: How to lose weight quickly: Best Method

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