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How to Lose 3 pound in 3 day!

How to Lose 3 pound in 3 day!

3 pounds in 3 days, 5 pounds in 7 days: That sounds great. Within a few days, the cramped overweight should be gone. But when we put off the Rosarito glasses for a moment: Can what we are promised with all the lightning diets work at all? Are five kilos really possible in a week?

How realistic are the wild slimming promises of various magazines really? We asked Silke Restemeyer from the German Society of Nutrition (DGE). The answer is quite clear: these dietary promises are usually big humbug. “How much you can lose in a week depends, among other things, on the initial situation,” explains Silke Restemeyer.

People with a strong overweight are faster and more marked than people who are only struggling with two or three kilos. It also plays a role in how much is eaten and whether sports are being driven. Five kilos in a week are however also unrealistic with a strongly overweight person.

“It is quite possible to lose several kilos in a week”, says Restemeyer. However, one must know that this is not about fat, but only about water. To lose one-kilo adipose tissue, you have to save 7000 kcal!

Thus, losing weight properly

The nutritionist advises urgently, rather slowly, but for the long term to lose weight. “If you lose a lot of weight within a very short time, you run the risk of not being adequately supplied with all nutrients, and it has the same weight again thanks to the Jo-Jo effect .”

The metabolism switches to the resting state when we eat too little. As soon as we return to normal eating habits, the body absorbs all the calories it can get and stores as much as possible. The pointer of the scale will move upwards again.

“To trick the yo-yo effect, one should really lose weight wisely. Half a kilo per week, one to two kilos per month are optimal,” says Silke Restemeyer. It also recommends taking a dietary break of four to six weeks in which the weight is held after the first three to five kilos.

If you slow down this way, the yo-yo effect does not give you any chance and can be sure that it is supplied with all nutrients. Besides, if you are allowed to eat 1200 kcal or even a bit more a day is much happier than someone who needs to get on with just 800 kcal!

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