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How To Look Good Without Makeup

How To Look Good Without Makeup Naturally

How To Look Good Without Makeup

“Say bye to makeup”

To go out of the house in the morning? For many women this is absolutely unimaginable: “I feel so naked!” – “I can not stand out!” – “What if I meet my dream types outside?”. Feminine self-awareness sounds different, does not it? But there seems to be something to do: more and more women are tired of hiding their natural look behind make-up, show their small and bigger “beauty flaws”, helping women to learn more and more confidently to themselves to stand – even if they are not “natural beauties”.

As so often, the stars make us think. Celebrities from Hollywood and elsewhere, but more and more well-known German TV and film women have created a new trend: the “No-Make-up Selfie”. A singer like Adele and Alicia Keyes, film stars like Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts, models like Heidi Klum and Gisele Bündchen, German actresses like Karoline Herfurth and presenters like Katja Burkard and Barbara Schöneberger show themselves on mostly homemade photos of the world as they are – and are sometimes barely recognizable without make-up. Or can you imagine who Lady Gaga meets in the morning after getting up in the mirror?

The unvarnished truth”

As “Natural Beauties”, these women greet from all sorts of image and smartphone screens and call us: Look, we are like her – anything but perfect, with blemishes and pustules and wrinkles and freckles like every woman. And are not we beautiful anyway? Well – in some “natural beauty”, such messages do not help us ordinary mortals, because some stars also look “completely without” superficially beautiful. Evil tongues also claim that on some allegedly unvarnished faces perfectly applied “nude” makeup gives the impression that it is a completely natural face. But in many cases, one can certainly believe what is going on: a woman who is indeed a prominent, but completely “normal” woman. One such as the musician Alicia Keyes, which even showed itself on the red carpet unpainted in the past year. “I do not want to cover anything more. Not my face, not my mind, not my soul, not my thoughts, not my dreams, not my efforts, not my emotional development, “she commented. Simple and beautiful – and last but not least, an incentive to treat the skin with a health cure!

What makes make up with the skin?

Makeup, powder and rouge, lipstick, eyeshadow and mascara – many women reach deep into the color box day by day and are happy to wear it. The unvarnished truth is here: Less is more – whoever exaggerates, harms his skin with high probability. And also on the cosmetic products themselves, because many ingredients are at least suspected to cause damage in the skin or perhaps even trigger other serious illnesses.

A lot of women, who have dressed regularly for many years, have already experienced this: Suddenly red blisters appear on the face, which also still unpleasant itch. This is often the so-called “perioral dermatitis”, that is, a skin inflammation in the region of the nose and mouth (perioral around the mouth). This disease is also referred to as “stewardess disease”since it is particularly common in women, who are already complicated by their daily work. The unpleasant pustules and inflammations are caused by a persistent “over-care” of the skin, which leads to the fact that the skin cells can no longer regenerate independently.

In addition to the too much care, many ingredients in cosmetics are further stress factors for the skin. In the case of up to 20 different substances that can be contained in a single product, there are some potential ills, especially hormonal chemicals such as the known parabens. They are used in many cosmetics as a preservative. Although the Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) Paraben has at least classified within the statutory limit values as safe. However, many experts and scientists are of different opinion: According to them, parabene can trigger various diseases and functional disorders. That Parabens are at least “not without”, according to a legal regulation in our neighbouring country Denmark:

Variegate – much damage

Not a few makeup products also contain preservatives which release formaldehyde, a substance which can be known to have a carcinogenic effect. Various harmful toxins have already been found in cosmetics. Silicones and paraffin, very common ingredients in make-up products, know that they can accumulate in the organism and cause various damage. It is also noted that synthetic colourants and fragrances often trigger allergies. And what is even more aggravating is the fact that the possibly ill-producing substances are particularly easily absorbed into the body during make-up over the mucous membranes.

Anyone who does not want to do without mascara, powder and co. Should at least keep an eye out and look very closely at the substances in the preferred product. With many thousands of substances, some of which have hardly any names to identify, this is anything but easy. Many of the ingredients are not even researched, others are only taken out of the market if it has been shown that they have been used by unsuspecting consumers for years. In order to be even safer, a woman should resort to certified natural cosmetics. You can easily find out whether a natural cosmetic seal on the package is serious or not through the Internet or by calling the consumer center. Genuine natural cosmetics contain neither silicones nor paraffin nor hormonal parabenes. Allergy-inducing fragrances can, however, also contain them. The safest method is undoubted: no longer, or only very sparingly.

So do you prefer to put on the beauty of nature?

If you want to refuse to do the daily makeup, but still believes that nature is not generous enough and your beauty is not enough for a make-up free life, it can also try with some cosmetic tricks and gimmicks. There are very simple and yet effective methods that strengthen the natural radiance, create a fresh complexion and an overall appealing face.

A daily good moisturizing is, of course, the A and O. To do this, the skin also needs plenty of moisture from the inside – so drink enough: at least 1.5 liters a day, with heat also more. In the morning one should wash the face with ice cold water, which is not only an effective watchmaker, but also stimulates the blood circulation. Combining these basic measures with a weekly peeling, you have already done the essentials for a smooth and well-perfumed facial skin so that the skin tone always looks fresh, rosy and healthy. Many women also swear by a touch of self-tanning on the face, which provides for a healthy natural look quickly and uncomplicated. Alternatively, a light mineral powder can conjure up a “sunny” complexion.

Radiant eyes completely without mascara

Very well-formed and not too bushy eyebrows are quite elementary for an attractive face. If you are not alone, find help with the beautician. She knows which brow form is most suitable and can bring the eyebrows painlessly into the desired shape. Perfectly curved, the brows contoured the whole face and make the eyes look bigger and more expressive. Particularly radiant eyes have one, if the whiteness in the eyes with special drops lightens. They contain so-called white worms, which make small redness disappear. However, these eye droplets should be used only rarely and, if only, in acute “emergencies”, since they can easily lead to conjunctivitis. Last hurdles: eye rings and swollen eyes. The dark rings are put on with a brightening cream. In the case of swelling of the eye, it is best to use Grandmutter’s home remedy. Simply put a touch of black tea or chamomile tea in hot water and then in the freezer for a few minutes, then place on closed eyelids. The tannins contained in the tea and the cool have a constrictive effect on the vessels, so that swelling and eye rings are reduced.

Not to be underestimated for a naturally beautiful appearance are also the teeth! If they are straight and beautiful, we look much healthier, younger, more radiant and sympathetic. So always pay attention to optimal tooth hygiene!

Micro Needling – small needle stitches for beauty

If this is not enough, you can try it with Micro Needling – that’s also possible at home. This is a process for rejuvenating the skin and for combating some aesthetic skin problems. A so-called Dermo-Roller, on which finest little needles are attached, is guided over the problem zones of the skin. This results in tiny holes in the deep layers of the skin, as a result of which care products can penetrate the skin better and unfold its effect. In addition, Micro-Needling stimulates the cells; which stimulates blood circulation, promotes the regeneration of the skin and activates the renewal of the skin cells. In addition, collagen and body-borne hyaluronic acid are newly formed. This allows Micro Needling to provide a better skin contour through taut, smooth skin and finer pores.

In contrast to the effect in other procedures, the skin is not thinned by Micro Needling so that the protection against damaging influences from the outside persists and does not lead to redness and irritation of the skin. In this method, no artificial substances are introduced into the skin, but rather the skin changes and refresh itself by the stimulating action of the fine needleless. Since the needles for the application at home, only 0.2 mm to a maximum of 1.5 mm long Micro Needling is considered harmless. Only those who suffer from severe acne or very sensitive skin should not travel independently to the needles.

Our conclusion: Women can also do quite without a cosmetics bowl, -tiegelchen and tubes for a good appearance. Some women may need a while until they “dare” to the public in a natural, uncontrolled way – and show their natural beauty to all. Not a few men like “natural” women by the way basically better. So: just courage to the unvarnished truth!

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