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How to fight obesity: Best way to lose weight

How to fight obesity: Best way to lose weight

 How to fight obesity: Best way to lose weight– Obesity (or more specifically Truncal Obesity) is one of the largest problems facing the world today, and so many people around the world have had to lose too much because of a disease they could have avoided in the first place. Obesity happens over time, gradually, and chances are you weren’t paying attention when it did. For your convenience, to get you “obesity help”, we have listed some obesity facts including the effects of obesity, symptoms of obesity and obesity classification by country and the best obesity treatment down below.

So, let’s break it down, exactly what is obesity?

Simply obesity defined, is a chronic condition, which means having too much body fat, therefore leading to being overweight or obese. Truncal obesity, also known as apple obesity or central obesity is a frequent problem among all classifications of obesity.

The best way to tell if someone is obese is by using the Body Mass Index (BMI). The BMI uses a person’s current height and weight to tell what weight is appropriate from the person and when he is diverting from that weight.  BMI’s from 18.5 to 24.9 are normal body weights whereas BMI’s from 25-29.9 are considered overweight and BMI’s above that are considered to be obese.

How to fight obesity: Best way to lose weight

Now you might be wondering, what is causing obesity?

Obesity is pretty much determined by your genetics. If both your parents have, during most of their lives been obese; the chances are that you might just inherit that quality. This also affects Leptin, which is a hormone that helps you regulate your body’s fat stores, thus causing you to become obese. If you are almost always at home or at work where you are mostly sedentary and are not physically active, this might also be one of the causes of obesity. If you are using antidepressants or sedative to help you sleep, they might be doing the trick in making you obese as well. The problem of overeating also exists, which with a doubt results in weight gain, because your body is not burning as much calories as it is consuming.

How to fight obesity: Best way to lose weight

Obesity classification by country:

  1. American Samoa
  2. Kiribati
  3. USA
  4. Germany
  5. Egypt
  6. Bosnia-Herzegovina
  7. New Zealand
  8. Israel

Symptoms and/or Effects of Obesity:

Some of the symptoms that we have narrowed down, which normally obese people indicate, are discussed down below as well as the effects of obesity.

Obese people usually tend to develop an insulin resistance once they reach a BMI over 29.9. This means that more fat cells are becoming resistant to insulin, which makes the blood sugar stay normal but the insulin levels in the body to go way above the normal range where they should be. This can cause Type-2 diabetes as well. It can also result in hypertension which is characterized by a high blood pressure level. It can result often in Hypercholesterolemia which is a condition depicting high levels of cholesterol in the body. It may also result in sleep apnea, which causes shallow breathing during the night accompanied by snores or snorts. In severe cases, this state of obesity may also lead to cardiovascular or heart disease, it may cause you heart attacks and in some cases, obesity has also been the reason people have had strokes. It can also result in cancer of the colon, the rectum, prostate, uterus and gallbladder as well.

Now the Holy Grail; How to prevent or Treat Obesity?

How to fight obesity: Best way to lose weight

It starts as a complete reconstruction of your life. First, you will need to abolish excess fats and sugars from your diet. This may cause you withdrawal but we recommend you thrive on fruits and vegetables to get your daily amount of calories in. Use nuts and whole grains as a way to get the good, necessary fats into your body. You also should use vegetable oils instead of animal-based fats such as butter. You need to exercise every day if you want this to work. That means getting 30 minutes of moderate everyday physical activity. There are some medications and obesity surgeries which help treat obesity faster, but if your problem is not that severe, we recommend you go with the natural organic way.


Therefore folks, if you are suffering from obesity or even if there is a remote chance that you might be, then please start taking preventive measures as soon as possible. The effects of obesity and obesity symptoms listed above can help you determine the nature and classification of obesity you suffer from (especially if it is Truncal Obesity). Also, we recommend you do get help from a professional doctor to effectively and permanently treat this disorder, whether it is a healthy diet plan or an obesity surgery.


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