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Whether smart and short or long and seductive – who wants to call beautiful, healthy hair his own, must be aware that this requires intensive care. The measures to care for one’s own individual hair type professionally go beyond a simple wash, which is repeated every two or three days. Therefore, the following article reveals how to care for your hair and what special features you have to take into account if you want to avoid split ends and other problems.

Every hair type needs individual care products

You know that while some women can be proud of their thick, thick hair, others have to come up with countless tricks to style their fine hair to a pleasing hairstyle. Still, others wash their hair on Mondays, and on Tuesday they can go straight to work after a short styling, while others are woken up half an hour earlier every day, so they can thoroughly wash their too-greasy hair before they go out of the house. These scenarios are quite normal and are due to the different hair types.

To understand how to care for your hair, you need to know which hair types exist and which of these types you can associate with:

  • Dry hair (looks brittle fast, this hair lacks the shine)
  • Greasy hair (due to a sebum overproduction, these hairs quickly appear greasy and stringy)
  • Damaged hair (the hair was damaged by outside influences)
  • Fine hair (this hair type lacks volume and support)
  • Thick hair (absolute good luck, the hair is always voluminous and is ideal for almost all hairstyles)
  • Additionally: problems with the scalp (dandruff, sensitivity, etc.)

Sometimes it is not easy to determine your own hair type yourself; especially if you also have problems with the scalp – such as dandruff – suffers. Therefore, the first step in hair care always leads to the hairdresser! This can then determine the exact hair types and any problems with the scalp and recommend the perfect care products. Once you have been informed about which products you can best care for your hair. Here you will find numerous care products for every hair type. With the right care series, for example, women with very fine hair can finally give their hairstyle permanent more volume and support, while ladies with greasy hair get just the right care,

The hairstyle also decides how to take care of your hair

Did you know that your own hairstyle also has a big impact on how to care for your hair? So curly hair usually need a different care than straight hair. And wearers of short hairstyles are faced with other problems than avowed lovers of long hair. Since current trend hairstyles have led to the revival of classic cuts – such as the bob – and these benefit greatly from the well-groomed and healthy look of the hair, it is certainly advantageous to match the hair care perfectly to the self-selected hairstyle.

Long hair is considered sensual, sexy and feminine – so it’s not surprising that a majority of women want nothing more than healthy and well-groomed hair that falls gently over the shoulders or even reaches to the bottom. However, unlike a cheeky, easy-care short hairstyle, long hair is also more susceptible to certain problems – such as split ends. The dreaded, dry hair ends, which in the worst case even split and make a beautiful, well-groomed hairstyle almost impossible, are favoured by a variety of factors: General dry hair and an excess of chemical treatments are just two of them. So if you have already noticed that your own hair tends to split quickly, must immediately on gentle care products, specially designed for damaged hair, change to prevent dry and split ends. Furthermore, it makes sense to think about the acquisition of high-quality “tools” – such as brushes with natural bristles – because these straighten the hair when styling much less than cheap products.

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