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What are the costs of a tummy tuck?

How Much Does a Tummy Tuck Cost| Tummy Tuck Prices

How Much Does a Tummy Tuck Cost| Tummy Tuck Prices

If annoying, overlapping tissue on the abdomen can not be reduced through dieting or targeted physical activity, a tummy tuck is often the last possible alternative to adieu to a nasty “skin apron” . Previous pregnancies or severe weight loss are often the reasons for hanging skin on the stomach. But what can not be hidden by clothing or other methods, increasingly tug at the self-esteem of the suffering person. Due to today’s medical technology, excess skin can be best treated. The aim of this treatment is a tummy tuck, which should make the stomach tighter, flatter and, above all, more beautiful.

Is a reimbursement by health insurance possible?

Nevertheless, it is clear to most patients: such an operation also costs a bit. Whether these services are taken over by the statutory or private health insurance must be determined in a separate interview. As a rule, however, the health insurances regard the case as a mere plastic surgery with an aesthetic background and less as a medical indication. In order to substantiate psychological consequences due to the given situation, a special report is fundamentally required. In a separate procedure, it is then decided whether a reimbursement is appropriate. However, as this is extremely rare, the patient should be aware in advance that he alone has to bear all the costs.

The cost of a tummy tuck may vary individually and from doctor to doctor and depending on the country. In Austria, the price range for a tummy tuck is between € 3,500 and € 7,000. This margin must be justified by the fact that operational effort, personal wishes of the patient and differences in the realization of the respective case must be coordinated. The greater the effort of the surgeon, the higher the price for the patient will usually be.
In Germany, the costs are similar to those in Austria between a price of € 3,500 – € 6,000, in Switzerland, the costs are slightly higher and there are estimated at about 9,500 €.

Prices of a tummy tuck abroad

After this list for the German-speaking countries, there are of course also prices for other countries, which are chosen by many patients because of their low cost. Very popular is sometimes Great Britain, which requires about € 5,000 for a tummy tuck. However, the true dumping prices are offered by completely different countries: the Czech Republic undercuts the other offers with an average price of € 1,120, followed by Slovakia with a cost of around € 1140. Hungary and Poland are just under € 1,800 – € 2,000 here only in the midfield.

If one compares the foreign prices with the costs of the German-speaking regions, one could assume that one can achieve substantial savings in Hungary, Poland or in the Czech Republic and at the same time combine the OP with a beautiful vacation. However, if you take a closer look behind the façade and explore the working methods and situations there, the situation is different. Various reports in the media have shown that the cheap cost estimates only the pure main operation is included. The usual preventive and follow-up examinations in Austria, Germany and Switzerland are shamefully neglected in the other European countries, communication is also often not given and if something goes wrong in the operation, This is how the doctor rarely feels responsible and leaves the patient alone. The result: a re-operation in the home is required – the cost of this may also be borne.


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