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Diets in comparison

Food Safety, Weight Watchers, Glyx, Low Carb – Which diet is right, the best, the healthiest? One thing is certain: Most diets promise more than they can. The pounds initially tumble to a point, then the discipline breaks down and the yo-yo effect comes. In the long term, you can not get a complete diet change – because that is the real purpose of diet. Live consciously, eat, move, relax. Diet is a triad.

The first step on the way to the dream figure: Find your personally effective diet. If you have a character like Barbara Schöneberger, you will never be as thin as Lindsay Lohan. With no diet in the world. At best, you starve yourself into an eating disorder and get sick – the diet-Supergau occurs whenever we dream in the body of another. Diet can only work individually. First, you should find out which type of diet you are. You can find that out with our tool (→ link “Which diet type are you?”). Before you start with your diet variant, some more interesting information about the mechanics of weight loss diets.

How a weight loss diet works

The basal metabolic rate is the energy expenditure of your body at rest per day. It depends on factors such as gender, age and size. By feeding, we bring energy to the body. If the personal basal metabolic rate is permanently exceeded, we increase. If this falls below we take off. The goal of your diet is to provide the body with fewer calories than it actually needs, so it has to rely on reserves – preferably fat reserves – for energy burning. So diet works on a negative energy balance

How long should you diet?

Radical diets in which several kilos can be burned within a very short time must not run for a long time. Because it is too exhausting for the body. Or because he breaks down too much muscle. This then reduces the basal metabolic rate. Because energy is consumed in the muscles. The more muscles, the more energy, the higher the basal metabolic rate. Diet and the explanation for the yo-yo effect of diets. Because the basal metabolic rate remains below after the diet program. Unfortunately, more is eaten again – and already the kilos are back on the hips.

A diet based on a diet change – example FIT FOR FUN diet – focuses on long-term, sustainable weight loss combined with relaxation and exercise. The advantage: Through the exercise program, the muscles are maintained, the calorie count is high enough, it is supplied with protein in sufficient quantity and scheduled rest. Diet without remorse.

10 golden principles of every diet

  1. Principle of a diet – drink plenty of water
  2.  Principle of a diet – avoid fat and sweets
  3. Principle of a diet – prefer vegetables and fruits
  4. Principle of a diet – reach for good proteins
  5. Basic rule of a diet – move sufficiently
  6. Principle of a diet – Think carefully about goals
  7.  Basic Diet – Keep track of your food intake
  8. Principle of a diet – show discipline and stamina
  9. Principle of a Diet – Never go hungry shopping to resist temptations
  10. Basic rule of a diet – sufficient sleep of at least 7 hours

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