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HIV: causes, symptoms and treatments!

HIV: causes, symptoms and treatments!

One of the most commonly diagnosed conditions is that of HIV. Conditions such as AIDS result from HIV and it is a global ongoing concern; it puts a lot of lives in danger and has caused us a lot of casualties. Thus to identify, understand and effectively eliminate this disease, we have compiled an article that will define HIV and explain what HIV is, explain the causes of HIV, the symptoms of HIV or signs of HIV that follow as consequence and some HIV medications and HIV treatment options. For your convenience we have made all sorts of relevant information available to you below:

What does HIV stand for?

HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

HIV definition:

The HIV is a virus which leads to the HIV infection which affects the vital organs of the person and cells of their immune system, and with time, it causes the condition we all know as AIDS or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. AIDS is a condition in which the body’s natural immune system fails to perform and the body allows certain diseases such as infections or cancers to infest it.

Causes of HIV:

How is HIV transmitted?

The HIV transmission (of the infection) is medically proven to only occur through transfer of bodily fluids which will be explained in detail below:

Sexual transmission of HIV: if a person has contact with another person’s infected sexual fluids such as through the process of unprotected sexual intercourse or the transfer of semen or vaginal fluids across people, it will lead to the HIV infection.

Perinatal transmission of HIV: if a mother who is infected gives birth to a child, she can transmit this virus to the child during pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding.

Blood transmission of HIV:

The risk of getting the HIV infection through blood transfusion is also possible in certain countries which lack proper medical screening or protection of blood. Sharing or reusing syringes or IVs which have HIV infected blood on them will result in HIV.

Any sort of casual contact with another person does not infect them.

HIV: causes, symptoms and treatments!

Symptoms of HIV:

An HIV infection can be prevalent but may show no symptoms at all for up to as much as several months. However an early HIV infection may have people develop certain symptoms of HIV infection such as high fever and chills accompanied by sweating. This may happen after 2-6 weeks of catching the HIV infection. Other symptoms of HIV such as weakness or fatigue and weight loss may also be present. Joint pain and muscle aches are also prevalent in people who are suffering from HIV infection. If you have a red rash, this could be one of the signs of HIV infection as well. It is important to remember that if you think you are having these symptoms, you need to consult your doctor as soon as possible.

HIV prevention:

To prevent the HIV infection from getting to you, you need to take precautions when it comes to having unprotected sex, sharing any needles for injections, exposure to any sort of bodily fluid, avoid coming into contact with cat litters, animals and sometimes birds as well.

Treatment for HIV:

What is the cure for HIV?

As of yet, there is no certain cure for HIV or AIDS. HIV medications have however been prescribed to patients which allow the symptoms to fade and the condition to not worsen at such a fast pace. Most HIV treatments and medications allow the person to live a long and relatively healthy life with significant improvements in their quality of living.

Emergency HIV pills do exist for if the person thinks that they have recently (within 72 hours) caught the HIV, post-exposure prophylaxis pills may be given to them to stop the infection. The HIV infection is treated with antiretroviral medications which slow down the spreading of the virus and fight the HIV infection.

HIV: causes, symptoms and treatments!


Now that you know how to define HIV, the causes of HIV and HIV symptoms, we hope that you are able to effectively look out for this condition when you or any person that you know is suffering from it. We hope you will take heed to the HIV prevention methods mentioned above which involve precaution in everyday life. It is important that you take HIV medications based on the prescription that your medical practitioner provides you.

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