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Hip Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation after hip replacement

Hip Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation after hip replacement

Orthopedic Rehabilitation Clinic : specialists for your hip rehab

The right rehabilitative treatment after an artificial hip replacement surgery , or after other types of hip surgery, is central to a quick healing and rapid return to everyday life.

Any operation on the hip is always an operation, the impact of which you will be accompanied atevery step in the future – ideally without pain. For a quick getting used to your muscles and joints to the new hip prosthesis is our rehab center with its experienced doctors and dedicated therapists there.

Together with you, our therapists work to make you fit and active in your everyday life, in sports or in your job.

In close cooperation with your surgeon from the acute care clinic, we create the optimal rehab treatment plan for you and your new hip . Our intensive cooperation with the operating hospitals in northern Bavaria ensures that you can carry out the specialized hip rehab as an AHB (follow-up treatment ) in our orthopedic rehabilitation clinic directly after your hip surgery .

Thus, the rehab for your hip can start quickly and lead to rehab success faster with high quality treatment. Our patients also say that this approach is correct: In the latest patient survey, over 90% of hip patients rated our rehabilitation positively and would recommend our rehab clinic to their friends and acquaintances.


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