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Hiccup or hiccup - what is behind it?

Hiccup or hiccup – what is behind it?

Hiccup or hiccup – what is behind it?

He is not life threatening, but disturbing. In a group of people, it can also be quite embarrassing when it occurs. Unfortunately, no one knows exactly what purpose he is pursuing. What is meant: the hiccup. What causes can the annoying ‘Hickser’ have? And more importantly, how do you get rid of him?

Emergence of hiccups

Mythology explains that someone thinks of the Hicksenden. Anatomically one can rather hold that the diaphragm is responsible for it by strong, reflex and periodic contractions. There is maximum inhalation while the glottis closes. But why is this happening?

Temporary hiccup

“In acute hiccups, one does not even know why it is triggered,” explains Mario Prosiegel (chief physician of the Department of Neurology and head of the Center for Dysphagia at the m & i-Fachklinik Bad Heilbrunn). In most cases there is a hiccup because the stomach has been overstretched. Hurried food, carbon dioxide, cold drinks, spicy food or alcohol consumption can be the actual trigger here. This phenomenon “is actually without meaning and harmless,” continued Prosiegel.

Chronic hiccup

Diseases can be the cause of the long-lasting hiccups. Often these are diseases of the stomach. These include a subphrenic abscess (below the diaphragm), pleurisy (pleurisy), gastric ulcer (ulcer ventricoli), gastritis (gastritis), gastroesophageal reflux, pancreatitis and the like.

How long can this last?

There are many triggers for both temporary and chronic hiccups. Sometimes, however, no cause can be found at all. Then one speaks of an idiopathic singultus. Believe it or not, Charles Osborne is said to have suffered from hiccups for 68 years. He set a sad world record. Although no cure was found in his case, fortunately it is rather the exception that one has to suffer from the symptoms for years.

How do you get rid of him?

In fact, you can get rid of the acute ones with ‘tried-and-tested home remedies’. Take a breath, for example: prolonged stopping of the air causes the carbon dioxide in the lungs to rise. This actually hampers the hiccup. Sometimes distraction can help too. What should be known to a few, is pressure on both eyeballs. This causes a vagus stimulus, which often stops the hicksen.

What anatomical sense does the hiccup have?

As the neurologist Prosiegel further explains, there is a sense of embryos. “Fetuses already have breathing movements in the womb. If the embryo inhales massively and the glottis closes at the same time, the amniotic fluid does not reach the lungs. “In adults, on the other hand, one can not find any medical ‘sense’.


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