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HEPATITIS: Types, Causes, Signs and Treatment.

HEPATITIS: Types, Causes, Signs and Treatment

HEPATITIS: Types, Causes, Signs and Treatment


Hepatitis Definition: Hepatitis is a disease in which human liver is attacked by inflammation. There can be many causes of inflammation but it is most commonly caused by a virus. Hepatitis can also develop due to excessive alcohol consumption, medication or other toxins. Autoimmune Hepatitis is a condition in which human’s immune system starts attacking healthy tissues of liver, it self by making antibodies.


Types of Hepatitis: There are five different types of Hepatitis produced by different causes which are mentioned along with each type:

  1. Hepatitis A: This disease is produced by an infection caused by Hepatitis A Virus. HAV is generally transferred by the consumption water or food that is been fouled by dunks from the human being who has been suffering from Hepatitis A, himself.
  2. Hepatitis B: This type of hepatitis is usually a sexually transmitted disease or using utensils of an infected person.It is transferred by the connection with infected body fluids, which can be either blood, vaginal secretions or semen carrying Hepatitis B virus (HBV). Sharing utensils with an infected person can be equally dangerous like sharing razors. Excessive drug intake through injections can be also the cause of getting HBV. Hepatitis B can be seriously chronic and the hepatitis b statistics show that 350 million people around the world are infected.
  3. Hepatitis C: Hepatitis C is generated by Hepatitis C virus (HCV). Just like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C is usually transmitted by getting in direct contact with the infectious body fluids. The contact can be in two forms either through sexual contact or use an injection of the infected person. HCV is very common from 130 to 50 people worldwide are at the chronic stage of HCV.
  4. Hepatitis D: This disease is also known as Delta Hepatitis. Hepatitis D virus is the cause of liver infection during hepatitis D. Hepatitis D virus relays on Hepatitis B Virus for their growth and development. Furthermore, the disease also spreads by getting in the contact with the infected blood. Hepatitis D is very uncommon.
  5. Hepatitis E: A waterborne disease generated by Hepatitis E Virus (HEV). Hepatitis E virus attacks the person who has drunk or been in contact with the water that has been containing faecal matter. Hepatitis E virus has its rapid growth in contaminated water. Hepatitis E disease cases are normally observed in the areas where there is poor sanitation system.

HEPATITIS: Types, Causes, Signs and Treatment.


Hepatitis Symptoms: In the chronic and infectious hepatitis such as Hepatitis B and C symptoms normally don’t emerge so boldly as they’ve slow growth that’s why they’re diagnosed in later stages. Commonly observed signs and symptoms of Hepatitis are enlisted below:

  • yellow skin and eyes can be the signs of jaundice
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Weakness along with Fever
  • fatigue
  • Tiredness
  • dark urine
  • pale stool
  • abdominal pain
  • loss of appetite
  • weight loss

HEPATITIS: Types, Causes, Signs and Treatment.


Hepatitis Treatment: Each type of Hepatitis have different treatments:

  1. Hepatitis A: This disease doesn’t really have to get treated as it is an illness for short period of time. Normally, symptoms of hepatitis A are treated and bed rest is often recommended by the doctors for the recovery from weakness. Hepatitis A vaccine is generally administered in children in early stages including children normally from the age of 12 to 24 months.Hepatitis A Vaccine is also available for adults and it can also be combinedly administered with Hepatitis B Vaccine.

  2. Hepatitis B: Acute form of Hepatitis B also doesn’t have to get treated as well. Anti Viral Medication is usually prescribed for the treatment of the Chronic Hepatitis B. The treatment for Chronic hepatitis B has to be keenly monitored so that the doctors can examine the effectiveness of the medication and can configure the recovery chances of the patient. The treatment has to stay in the process for long so that’s why the treatment can be costly and can take months to years as well. There is a vaccine available for Hepatitis B which is recommended for newborns.

  3. Hepatitis C: There are two forms of Hepatitis C i.e Acute and chronic. Hepatitis C Treatment for Both the Acute and Chronic Hepatitis C is done by Antiviral Medication. A combination of antiviral Medication is used for the patients who suffer from Chronic Hepatitis C. Hepatitis C has been determined to be very dangerous as there has no vaccine available for the disease and in case a patient is suffering from chronic hepatitis C then he or she is most likely to develop  Cirrhosis which can only be treated by a liver transplant. 

  4. Hepatitis D: Alpha Interferon named drug is used to treat Hepatitis D, as no antiviral medication is available for this disease. The medication used is unfortunately effective only on about up to 30% of the patients. Hepatitis B can help preventing the people from developing Hepatitis D because Hepatitis D virus needs Hepatitis B virus for the growth.

  5. Hepatitis E: Hepatitis is very acute so it can be recovered by the body itself thus there’s no particular medication available. Patients are advised to take rest, eat healthily, drink plenty of juices and water to avoid weakness.


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