Healthy self-esteem - which I can contribute to it

Healthy self-esteem – which I can contribute to it

Healthy self-esteem – which I can contribute to it

It is quite possible to work on your own self-confidence, and this may well be a lengthy project. Being self-conscious or having a healthy self-esteem can mean something different for each person. Everybody should personally explore the following five steps:

“Status Quo” list

In order to become more aware of oneself, one has to get to know each other better or even think about what kind of person one actually is. What’s needed is a self-examination with questions like: what am I good at? What am I not good at? What do I like about myself? What can I not like about myself? How am I seen by others? How do I like this assessment of others?


This is not about promoting narcissism, but rather about appreciating your own life. To be treated with disrespect by others, you have to radiate self-confidence. This is best concentrated on personal strengths. What skills, characteristics and behaviors make me a valuable person? Just be careful: being too confident can quickly make you look arrogant or overbearing.

To accept your own limits

Everyone has limits. The problem with a lack of self-confidence is that one tends to define oneself through the encouragement of other people. “I am only worth something if I fulfill the expectations of all other people”. However, this holds a ‘vicious circle’, because the excessive demand is inevitable. The end is the disappointment of your own failure. So, learning to say NO.

The right to your own opinion

Everyone has the right to their own opinion. This is already anchored in fundamental law and shows how important this is for a human being. And if someone disagrees with you, that’s fine. You do not have to change your opinion for a long time.

Body language shows self-confidence

Tummy in, chest out, upright gait, shoulders back, eye contact maintained, firm handshake, deep voice … So every head held high can go through life.


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