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Of course, the trend towards more health in everyday life does not stop at nutrition. Because in addition to a sufficient and regular exercise are mainly healthy, fresh and low-fat foods in focus! You are what you eat! This saying is only too true and yet often lacks the time for a reasonable meal and leisure to enjoy. Therefore, you should take several times a day short breaks and taste the food with pleasure! But not only the “How do I eat?” Is crucial, but also the “What am I eating”! What is my diet and which food groups do I eat most? Am I overweight and how high is my current body mass index? Are diet-related diseases already present and where can I improve my diet?

Tips and tricks for a healthy diet that tastes great!

Eating healthy is much easier than you think. For those who are not overweight now, they have to abstain from calorie counting or their favourite foods. But it depends on the dose! For those who take daily to chips, chocolate & Co., the may not be surprised about lifebuoys and hip gold. And fitness is not getting better with high-fat foods that put a lot of strain on the body. Of course, sweets or even a visit to the fast food restaurant may be on the program, but everyday life should look different. The basis for a healthy diet consists of fresh fruits and vegetables. And that’s five times a day. In addition, there are whole grains and dairy products that provide the bone with valuable calcium. Generally, you should not eat more than 30% fat per day. Based on the total amount of food, of course. Protein is just as important as carbohydrates. In the evening, however, you have to do without the latter if the pointer of the balance should still move a little to the left.

Eating versatile, that’s the magic formula!

Those who eat one-sidedly and repeatedly resort to frozen food and finished products significantly burden their total energy account. The trend is more and more in the direction of “do it yourself”, it is back in, even in the kitchen to try and new recipes for the whole family to try. These include not only low-fat meat and fish dishes but also salads and calorie-reduced desserts. Even freshly squeezed juices are now regularly on the menu. And unlike the instant juices, you will taste the difference here. Because you know what the juice was made of. When cooking and baking you should do without butter and cream as far as possible. And whole grain pasta and wholemeal bread last longer. Soon you will notice how your own body and your own condition change. Because not only the car needs high-quality energy, so it works flawlessly. Even the human organism rewards a conscious and healthy diet with more vitality and fitness into old age!

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