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"Health Care Administrator" The cure in the 21st century

“Health Care Administrator” The cure in the 21st century

“Health Care Administrator” The cure in the 21st century

Healthcare has been in transition for several years. Many benefits are reduced, the patient is taken significantly more responsible, who wants to have the best possible medical care, must inform themselves about it and show initiative. We explain the health system in the course of time using the example of health care in the 21st century.

Challenges of a cure in the 21st century

Modern people typically suffer from one or more of the following health conditions: stress, burnout, diabetes, obesity or chronic back pain. The available breaks during the week are less and less often enough to maintain a healthy balance between work and rest.

Therefore, the demand for a modern spa program is to do something about fatigue, overweight or cardiovascular problems and thus help the patient to continue to show top performance.

The cure in the 21st century – something for me?

In order to move regularly, to always cook healthy and to work on one’s own attitude in order to see everything a little “looser” – many of them lack motivation. But not only getting the “own butt up” may be a problem, but also the lack of expertise.

If you feel addressed here, you might think a bit more about staying in a medically qualified facility.

Cure earlier and today

In the past, water has always been very important when it came to a cure. At the end of the 19th century, for example, Sebastian Kneipp coined the design of a spa: water and water treads were an integral part of a water cure.

Today, the term cure is actually hardly used. One speaks rather of measures of the rehabilitation or the prevention (precaution). Today, the implementation of a private cure has become more important. In the past, when almost the entire spa stay was paid for by health insurance or pension insurance, the patient dispenses most or all of the cure in the 21st century from their own resources.

Responsible holiday

Sleep disorders, restlessness, restlessness, nervous stomach, back pain – this can make it all too much. In the past, holidays also served the purpose of “refueling” once again. But in the wake of the significantly increased demands on everyone in everyday life, a “normal” holiday may not be enough to achieve the required regeneration.

Those who want to stay healthy for a little longer should take the initiative and become aware of their own responsibility. After all, it’s your own health. Prevention is becoming increasingly important. This is how you see the cure in the 21st century.

Federal Health Minister Hermann Gröhe said on the new Prevention Act (decision on 17.12.2014): ” It is about avoiding diseases before they even arise. This is true for every single person … I am pleased that after several attempts in the past, there is now a broad consensus on taking an important step forward in prevention. “


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