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Health Care Administration

Health Care Administration

Health Care is the procedure of either sustaining or putting in efforts for the enhancement of health which is monitored by a Health Care Administrator. This enhancement can be noticed as the result of the recovery from any disease or any similar condition. Health Care is the top duty of everyone because “HEALTH IS WEALTH”. Health Care Administrator can be anyone, even who takes care of others health for example doctors, physicians, psychiatric, pharmacists, dentists, mother, father or care taker or even a person who takes care of his/her own health. Health Care Administration is a must so that illness and health issues can be avoided by its maximum and everyone can live up to their fullest. There are certain ways that can be adopted by Health Care Administrators for an effective Health Care Administration, by following them the best of health can be ensured:


The benefits of drinking a lot of water are countless, most significant benefits which help to maintain health are highlighted under:

  • Energized Muscles: Cells need an adequate amount of water to work properly and in case of scarcity of water the functions of cells get impaired resulting in early fatigue. Water energizes cell and facilitate them to actively perform their functions.
  • Calories under Control: Based on research water doesn’t really help in weight loss. Use for water rich food like fruits and salads tend to make the consumer feel full and the food dissolves slowly that’s why the person doesn’t feel like eating much and the calorie content gets under control.
  • Glowy Skin Comes from Water: Skin needs to stay hydrated to look fresh and soft. An adequate amount of water in the body helps the skin cells fresh and glowy. Water also acts the anti ageing agent which helps reduce wrinkles.
  • Active Immune system:  Water keeps immune system active enough and helps in fighting help different health issues.
  • Removes out Toxin: Excessive water in the body causes excessive removal of water in the form of either sweating or urination and takes out toxins with itself.

Health Care Administration


Healthy Eating Habits are mandatory to adopt stay energized and healthy through out your life. These eating habits include both the timings and the type of food that is going to be eaten.  The body stays functional all the time even when you’re asleep, brain and other function stay activated so as you wake up take breakfast within an hour so that there’s no impairment in the efficiency of the body in performing the tasks. There are certain food choices as well to stay healthy which are briefly discussed below:

What to eat? 

  • Eat fruits and vegetables
  • Drink Milk
  • Include fresh juices to your diet
  • Consume Whole grains, Beans and legumes
  • Low fat or Fat-free dairy products.
  • Limit sugar and soft drink consumption
  • avoid trans fats
  • avoid too much of fried food/fast food

Adding up to the above healthy eating tips, eat home made food, eating a little lesser than filling up yourself and consume lesser calories.


There are certain benefits associated with exercising every day. Few of regular exercise benefits are mentioned below:

  1. Managed Weight: Exercise cause excess calories to burn and lets not the fats to accumulate in the body. Exercise keeps the body in movement thus regulating the amount of fats in the body thus improving the health condition of the individual.
  2. Improves Stamina: Exercise improves body’s capability of continuously staying in movement. It strengthens the muscles and boosts the stamina. exercise accelerates the delivery of oxygen to the muscles thus making muscles more efficient.
  3. Better Sleep: Exercise helps in falling asleep and makes you have a better sleep.
  4. Improves Mood: Feeling down or sad? Regular exercise stimulates the release of such chemicals from the brain that helps in the uplifting of mood and makes the person a happy person.

Health Care Administration

Health Care Administrators should promote all the above activities so that every one of can live a healthier life. Drinking water, eating healthy and regular exercise along with adequate sleep which is 7–8 hours for an adult are the compulsory health tips that are to be chosen to feel healthier and fresh.  All these tips improve the efficiency and productivity for the individuals by facilitating their physical as well as mental conditions.

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