Health and money - cause and effect

Health and money – cause and effect

Health and money – cause and effect

The French Enlightenment poet Francois-Marie Arouet, better known by the stage name Voltaire, coined the phrase: “In the first half of our lives, we sacrifice our health to earn money. 

In the second half, we sacrifice our money to regain health. “This hamster wheel raises further questions: is someone who works a lot always sick? Why do many sick people not have enough money to receive adequate medical care? What role does money actually play in healthcare? Can not you be successful in your job and healthy?

“Money rules the world!” This is often the opinion of desperate people who feel virtually helpless at the mercy of the system. With such a sensitive topic as one’s own health, one would like to look at the system a little bit more ‘on the fingers’. Does money also govern health? A study by Zeit Online provides an interesting picture. One comes to the result: Where people earn a lot of money, there are also many doctors. Where they are poorer, there are also fewer doctors.

Purchasing power data provides indications as to whether a high proportion of privately insured persons can be expected at one location. Therefore, it comes to a mismatch. Although it is well known that socially deprived people, or at least people living in such a neighborhood, are more likely to be ill, doctors prefer to locate in better neighborhoods. Outpatient care is thus largely controlled by the market economy and not by the well-being of the patient.

The online evaluations are based on data from the cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich. Even if there are enough doctors present in a city, cash patients would not be equally well cared for there. This mismatch does not depend on the population. Even if there are more people living in the poor neighborhoods than in the richer ones, there are not enough doctors available.


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