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Summer is the most beautiful time of the year for many people. Lots of suns, warm temperatures and delicious ice cream sound like a dream time. For the ladies, summer also means a lot of stress. Skin and hair suffer from the extreme conditions. However, with the help of good care, the sun does not need to be shunned. Especially on vacation, the combination of sunlight and salt water is very dangerous for the hair. Who neglected the care of his hair, must reckon with the loss of colour and shine. Many women are unaware that hair care products are also available that provide UV protection.

Before the holiday necessarily cut tips

Such cosmetics donate the moisture that the hair needs, and are also largely waterproof. Protecting your hair with a fancy sun hat is the best alternative to all the grooming items. An important tip is also the cutting of the tips before the holiday. There begins the split ends, one of the worst hair damage for every woman. By cutting, the tips have more resistance and are therefore more stable. Since most people spend the summer by the sea, it is important to protect the hair sufficiently. If you have spent the whole day in the salt water, then rinse the hair carefully. A suitable treatment cares for the individual fibres and brings back the volume.

The hair needs a lot of care

A hair cure contains many care proteins. Some products have also been specially formulated for sun-damaged hair and provide additional substances that help to repair damaged hair. Radiantly beautiful hair in the summer does not have to be a wishful thinking anymore. With some precautions and sufficient care, even the most extreme temperatures cannot do any harm. When dyed hair is particularly in the summer months, caution is needed. In particular, bleached hair tends to dry out quickly in the summer. While this process is quickly noticed on the skin, the hair is less noticeable.

Radiantly beautiful hair colours for the summer

A glowing hair colour can be achieved not only with the right care but with the hair colour itself. Schwarzkopf is known for its high-quality colours, which are available in all variations. Whether a radiant blond or a magical brown – the possibilities are virtually limitless. On Schwarzkopf’s website, you will not only find inspiring colours, but also many tips on fashionable hairstyles. The colours of Schwarzkopf also contain a whole range of care proteins, so that the hair is well protected even in summer. Sun and water are no longer a danger and women can enjoy the summer carefree.

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