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Gynecologist gives tips: How to get slim through the menopause

Gynecologist gives tips: How to get slim through the menopause

Gynecologist gives tips: How to get slim through the menopause

With menopause , the hormone balance changes. Many women report that not only their mood changes, but also their body shape. Many are increasing. asked a gynecologist how it still manages to stay balanced and slim.Menopause describes the life phase of the woman from the beginning of the hormone change over the last menstruation ( menopause ) to the complete cessation of hormone production. The time span is four to ten years on average.

Changes in menopause

Due to the changes in the hormone balance, ie by the decrease in the sex hormones estrogen and progesterone, many women in their 50s struggle with hot flashes , mood swings, sleep disorders and depressive moods. And not only that. For many, the hand of the scales is also rising steadily.

“The hormone changes initially make sure that many women accumulate water in the tissue,” explains Dr. Katrin Schaudig, gynecologist and hormone specialist from Hamburg and member of the German Society for Gynecology and Obstetrics (DGGG). “In addition, the metabolism slows down, the basal metabolic rate decreases, the muscle mass decreases and there is a redistribution of fat towards the middle of the body.” The women are increasingly taking in the stomach. ”

Losing weight during menopause is particularly difficult

While some feel comfortable with the new body situation, the others are struggling with the extra kilos . “Once the extra pounds are on the hips, getting rid of them is a challenge, as the new hormone situation makes it really hard for women,” says the gynecologist. “In addition, the ovaries at the beginning of the menopause have quite active phases – and that boosts the cravings.”

It is best to prevent weight gain at an early stage

According to the expert, women should be aware of the slow hormonal changes early on. Anyone who adjusts to the new hormone situation in time will find it easier. Anyone who notices that the pointer of the scale climbs upwards, although he eats as usual, can adjust the calorie intake in a timely manner. “Keeping the weight constant during the menopause is much easier than losing weight,” says Schaudig from her professional experience. “If you take countermeasures in time, it will be easier.”

Movement is the alpha and omega

In order to keep the metabolism going in the best possible way, the expert advises to be active on a regular basis. Especially strength training is important because a strong musculature not only reduce the risk of falling, but also increase the basal metabolic rate and calorie consumption at rest. Endurance training on the other hand makes sense to keep the cardiovascular system healthy and to burn calories while exercising.

“Try to move as much as you can in everyday life, and you can do more than you think,” says Schaudig, referring to a patient who, after she’d moved, promptly gained two kilos. The reason: She suddenly had to take fewer stairs.

Anyone who moves is less likely to be a “frustration eater”

In addition, movement can successfully counteract mood swings and depressive moods . “Even better than many drugs,” says the gynecologist. And those who are well-balanced and well-mannered are also less likely to become “frustration eaters” and thus also save a lot of calories.

Be active 30 minutes a day

In addition, studies have shown that sufficient exercise can reduce the risk of various cancers, such as breast cancer. And sports strengthens the bones, which is of great importance to menopausal women: estrogen deficiency increases the risk of osteoporosis. “It’s ideal if you are active for 30 minutes a day and also get a bit out of breath,” advises Schaudig.

And if the extra pounds persistently stay in place despite all weight loss attempts? “Do not put yourself under unnecessary pressure, but enjoy your midlife,” advises Schaudig. Slightly overweight with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 26 to 28 is even more beneficial than underweight in this lifespan for the health. But the BMI should not be over 30


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