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Future music - what medicine can do today

Future music – what medicine can do today

Future music – what medicine can do today

What was counted as Science Fiction just a few years ago is already partially reality today

Technology does not stop at medicine. And that’s a good thing, because modern achievements make medicine good in both diagnostics and therapy. Therefore, we would like to keep everyone interested in the latest developments in medical technology up to date. An American scientist with Asian roots has also been interviewed.

Anyone who has ever had to undergo an unpleasant gastroscopy or colonoscopy, knows: You can do without it. However, it is not physicians who provide insight into the future of medical diagnostics, but physicist Michio Kaku. “Nowadays it’s possible,” Kaku explains euphorically, “to place a chip equipped with a TV camera and transmitter in a tablet the size of an aspirin.”

If you swallow such a ‘Smart Pill’, it will take ingestion of the esophagus and gastrointestinal tract. This is of course much more pleasant than the usual colon colonoscopy with a 180 centimeter long tube. Kaku also reports chips under our skin that will replace routine testing. Is this all a bit too futuristic? In the euphoria about technical achievements a bit too high?

Recently, a study was presented at a scientific conference in Vancouver. Eight women from Denmark suffering from osteoporosis were transplanted a tiny chip under the skin. In tiny chambers was on the microchip teriparatide, an anti-bone loss drug. Using a wireless connection, doctors were then able to control the release of the drug in the patient’s body.

For the first time a microchip was used in this way. The hope of the responsible physicians is now that such tiny silicon chips are used routinely in a few years. So no science fiction, but already practiced reality. It remains to be seen what science will make possible in the coming years.

Even more science fiction without fiction

What was still part of films a few years ago is actually becoming reality today: the breeding of organs, which are then transplanted. Modern science makes this possible. As Kaku further reported, tracheas and urinary bladders were already growing in the lab today. At present, work would be on a human liver. The researchers hope for a breakthrough in the next few years.


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