Frotox: How the non-toxic Botox helps against wrinkles

Frotox: How the non-toxic Botox helps against wrinkles

Frotox: How the non-toxic Botox helps against wrinkles

The new beauty trend Frotox makes the smoothing of forehead wrinkles possible – without nerve poison! But how does the counterpart to Botox work?

Botox is still considered the remedy for wrinkles , at least in certain circles. The neurotoxin is not necessarily risk-free, in addition, a treatment can quickly look unnatural. The beauty technique Frotox offers a gentler and above all non-toxic procedure to get rid of forehead wrinkles.

The term consists of Botox and the English word “freeze”, so freeze. In a Frotox treatment, cold sprays filled with nitrogen are injected into the affected area under local anesthesia  . Thus, nerves are cooled down to minus 70 degrees, they retreat by a few centimeters – the wrinkles are put on ice, so to speak.

What are the benefits of Frotox over Botox?

  • Frotox is non-toxic . Nitrogen also occurs in our body and thus does not harm our organism.
  • A treatment lasts only six to a maximum of 30 minutes .
  • Frotox works immediately , side effects are unknown.
  • It will only hit a nerve , so the facial expression remains natural and not like a mask acts as often happens with Botox the case.

Price is a meeting – similar to Botox – at around 400 euros . A Frotox treatment lasts about three to six months .


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