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 The statement “eating to lose weight” is likely to be paradoxical for many. Because who wants to lose weight, probably thinks more of diets or fasting. But eating less does not necessarily lead to a permanent weight loss. Often, even the opposite is the case. The body is stubborn because it suspects a famine due to the low-calorie count and therefore slows down the metabolism. He is now trying to save even vital body fat. So how should one proceed in order to achieve the desired weight and to maintain it permanently?

If you want to lose weight, you have to boost your metabolism

This means that the body’s own combustion processes are increased. In a diet or famine, however, these processes are slowed to survive as long as possible from the stored subcutaneous fatty tissue. So we have to make sure that the body accelerates the combustion. This works best for targeted physical activity and regular meals.

Physical movement

Bring your metabolism and fat burning through a physical workout on the go. The only tissue that is able to actively burn calories is skeletal muscle. By moving the fat in the truest sense of the word just melts away. For this reason, anyone interested in permanent and stable weight loss should undergo muscle training at least three days a week. Depending on age, health and physical condition, this should be clarified in advance and trained by trained professionals.

To burn fat you need to eat enough fat

Who wants to lose fat and therefore tries to completely abstain from fat in the food, blocks itself. The body is only willing to give a stored fat if he gets the same time new fat. High-quality, cold-pressed vegetable oils, especially coconut oil, are best suited for this purpose.

Spicy spices heat the metabolism

Spicy spices such as chilli and cayenne pepper also increase the basal metabolic rate. They have a so-called thermogenic effect and are able to raise the body temperature and thereby optimize the body’s combustion processes. Also suitable are ginger, curry, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Regularly small meals

Try to spread the daily requirement over as many small meals as possible. Long periods of hunger block the combustion processes. Small meals, every two to four hours, increase the incineration. This also has a positive effect on the mood: one does not feel fast if every few hours small snacks are consumed.

Avoid simple carbohydrates

Simple carbohydrates such as sugar and extract flour cause a high secretion of insulin. Insulin opens the cells and ensures that more nutrients are stored. If you want to lose weight, you should break this loop as much as possible. Therefore, avoid all simple sugars and white flour products and switch to raw cane sugar and whole grain products.


Eating to lose weight is not difficult and can be easily integrated into everyday life. The combination of exercise and proper nutrition is unbeatable for successful and lasting weight loss.

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