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Flavored water - the healthy alternative to strong sugary sodas

Flavored water – the healthy alternative to strong sugary sodas

Flavored water – the healthy alternative to strong sugary sodas

Anyone who regularly dumbbells and strength training completed, of course, also want to achieve visible results.

In addition to the right food and sufficient recovery (60 to 70 percent of the overall success) is also pay attention to what liquids are supplied to the body. So it is mainly sugary lemonade, which often stands in the way of the desired success – for training, however, is simple water ideal.

However, the lack of taste is often the most important reason for renouncing that and the handle to sugary lemonade. The perfect solution is the so-called “flavored water” (also called “Infused Water”).

Lemonade as a reason of failure

The tasty taste owe many purchase sodas mainly their high sugar content. The problem: it is simple sugar. This, to put it simply, contains absolutely nothing useful for the body. Worse, simple sugar contains just under 400 calories per 100 grams. The consumption of lemonade thus leads exclusively to fat, which in turn is the desired muscle and endurance structure in the way.

Even the mixed syrup lemonades, which are offered in almost all fitness studios today as beverage flat rates, are not always advisable. Here is a quick look at the packaging of the syrup – just ask polite and make sure that it is sugar-free products.

Infused Water – delicious and healthy

No one wants to do without long-term delicious drinks. However, simple water does not have a “true” flavor – you just drank it fast. But as in training itself, a steady variety of success in nutrition is extremely important for success.

A healthy and at the same time tasty solution is Infused Water . The advantage: everyone can prepare this easily, inexpensively and tailored to their own taste at home. These are the water z. For example, added fruits or herbs. Everyone is relatively free.

Ideal are self-grown fruits and / or herbs. If this option is not available, at least organic products should be bought from the supermarket. Vitamins, flavors and antioxidants are absorbed by the water, creating a delicious and healthy drink. At least two hours should pull the whole. The longer, the more intense the taste of the water turns out to be.

Which water is to be used?

To mix “Infused Water”, commercial bottled water can be used – whether still or carbonated water is a matter of taste and left to each one.

If you do not want to buy water, you can also use tap water for mixing. One should only make sure that it is drinkable and harmless – as a rule, the water coming from the tap in Germany is well filtered and is checked regularly. Anyone who has reservations should inquire about the quality of water in their region at the appropriate location (eg at the local water supplier).

Tip: If you like to drink your water with carbon dioxide, you can, for example, fall back on a “water bubbler”. These are special devices, the still water with CO2 cartridges with carbon dioxide (carbon dioxide) move.

Examples and Recipes for “Infused Water”

– A well-known and common recipe for flavored water is for example the “water with lemons and mint”. Here is a detailed recipe guide for it.

– If you like something more exotic, you can also enrich your water with peaches and blueberries. Here you will also find a detailed step-by-step guide to mix at home.


Those who exercise regularly and pay attention to their body weight, should rather abstain from high-sugar drinks and instead prefer to drink water. If the taste of pure water is too boring, you can simply and quickly mix “Infused Water” – it tastes very delicious, quenches the thirst and has few calories.

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