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Fitness: Ski Gymnastics at the last minute

Fitness: Ski Gymnastics at the last minute

Many hobby skiers go straight from the office to the piste – endangering themselves and others. Here are tips for preparing for the last push.

 The end of the year, it comes again suddenly. December already? Wait a minute, then the ski vacation is on! Many are only now aware that they wanted to prepare in time for this year. Keyword ski gymnastics. “The vast majority put this on the back burner,” says Andreas King of the German Ski Federation (DSV). Then they think: It’s not worth it anymore. But that is wrong. It is always: better late than never.

Just storming directly from the desk onto the runway is a fire hazard, warns King: “Skiing is coordinating very demanding.” If you want to get down the slope safely, you need strength in the legs and trunk, endurance and a view for the other skiers. “The better the winter sportsman is trained, the sooner he can see what is happening around him,” says König. Burn your thighs after the first descent, you are too busy with yourself – and risk accidents.

Even at the very last minute untrained people could do something, says Eva-Maria Schmitt, head of fitness and health sports at the Technical University of Munich: “Especially those who do not do any sports benefit enormously from less training .” The diploma sports teacher recommends not to do too much. “Otherwise there is the danger that you will not do anything because of the frustration of not being able to create the ambitious program,” says Schmitt. For the time being, you should plan sports at the weekend and in addition one or two times a week.

Six last minute exercises

Schmitt recommends jogging or walking for 20 minutes for endurance: “Nordic walking is incredibly effective if you do not simply wear the poles but use them properly.” These are combined with exercises that stabilize the trunk and train the muscles in the buttocks and legs.

The DSV has put together six exercises that make even untrained in a short time reasonably fit for the slopes:

  • For the holding force of the association recommends the wall seat . To do so, sit on a wall with your back straight and legs bent at a 90-degree angle.
  • For the power of the deep squat make stretch jumps.
  • The whole body stabilize pushups – on the hands or on the elbow.
  • This support position is also very effective on the side.
  • The buttocks and the back of the thighs trained the bridge : To lay flat on the ground, put your feet, now raise the buttocks and lower again.
  • The stamina finally improves the good old rope jumping .

If you are completely untrained, perform each exercise 45 seconds at a time. Those who do sports regularly can increase to 60 seconds. “If you have four or even two weeks, you should do it every day,” advises König. “But a proper preparation can not replace it.”

Training with blanket, ball or slackline

Proper preparation – so that my winter sports experts actually do sports all year round. “Ideal is mountain biking,” says Schmitt. Whoever trains the core muscles and balance is well prepared. According to experience, the challenge is to rescue training over November. “When it gets grubby outside, many are tired of cycling.” If you want to be fit for the mountains, you can switch to indoor sports such as step aerobics at short notice.

However, optimal preparation for the ski holiday can also be arranged at home, says sports scientist Annerose Wallberg. She has written a ski gymnastics book. “Static imitation exercises like in the past are no longer done today,” says Wallberg. Instead, she advises that the exercises are as complex as possible, and that they simultaneously train several muscle groups at the same time. It is also important to train the coordination and depth sensitivity – that is the feeling for the movement in space.

This perception improves who trains on shaky ground. “You start on solid ground, then you change to a blanket,” says Wallberg. Next, the exercise is performed on a rolled-up mat, then, for example, on half an exercise ball and later on the slackline. For this purpose, for example, a belt is stretched between two trees, on which one balances like a tightrope walk. Anyone who manages to complete an entire training program should not be disturbed on the ski slopes.

Enjoy – that’s a good keyword at all, say the experts. If you want to avoid accidents, you should take it easy and enjoy the beautiful view and occasionally a cup of tea in the hut.

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