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The fat burner pineapple is due to the high content of the enzyme Bromelin promote digestion and boost fat metabolism. Is it really possible to eat lean by eating pineapple?

What are fat burners?

Fat burners are some foods that are known as “fat killers” because of their ingredients such as hormones or enzymes. They are supposed to stimulate fat burning and burn more calories than it delivers. Many tropical fruits like papayas, kiwis or even pineapples are called fat burners as well as coffee or certain teas.

Is it really possible to lose weight by eating fat burners?

In fact, the enzymes contained in fat burners, such as papain, bromelain, lysozyme or the caffeine in coffee play an important role in the metabolism of fat. However, these enzymes are already cleaved in the stomach and then transported to the small intestine, so they can not act purely scientifically considered fat burners.

Slimming with pineapple still works

Nevertheless, eating pineapple can aid in weight loss. Like many other tropical fruits, pineapple contains numerous valuable ingredients such as minerals and vitamins, but it does not provide much fat. In addition, thanks to its high water content, it has a great detoxifying and draining power that melts excess pounds. Pineapple may, therefore, be well integrated into the diet plan during a diet. In addition, regular consumption of pineapple can protect against free radicals, lower blood pressure, and reduce deposits in the arteries.

How often should you eat pineapple?

Due to its composition, the pineapple fruit can definitely be described as a slimming and healthy power food, so you can often grab this delicious fruit. However, one should refrain to feed exclusively on pineapple fruits over a longer period of time. Because as with all so-called “one-food diets” provoked by a pineapple diet deficiency symptoms and health problems. Better to integrate the pineapple occasionally in his diet, as a low-calorie snack or as a vitamin-rich breakfast back to this tropical fruit. Especially when eaten on an empty stomach, the pineapple can develop its detoxifying effect.

What to look for when buying fat burner pineapple?

For best results, you should only buy ripe pineapple fruits. A ripe pineapple can be recognized by the fact that the leaves at the top can easily be detached. On fruits from canned one should do without. These contain hardly any nutrients, but lots of calories. Canned pineapple has nothing to look for in a healthy diet and definitely cannot be called a fat burner.

Author: Marion Selzer, Nutrition and Diet Consultant

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