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Fashion Design Studies: That's what you can expect!

Fashion Design Studies: That’s what you can expect!

Fashion Design Studies: That’s what you can expect!

You are interested in fashion, trends and cool styles and would like to start a fashion design study? We asked the AMD fashion student Isabella Heinz which requirements you have to bring. That’s what you expect!

You are close to the decision to choose a degree program and are incredibly interested in fashion? Maybe this interview will help you in your decision for or against a fashion design study. The 20-year-old AMD fashion student Isabella Heinz has been studying for a year and answered our questions 🙂

When did you discover your passion for fashion?

I discovered my passion for fashion at school. I’ve always been creative and especially liked subjects in which I could use my creativity, such as art, music, theater. In seventh grade, I started experimenting with my own clothes, not just putting on clothes everyone else had. That’s when I realized how much fashion interests me and then began to draw clothes quite often.

What are the requirements for studying? Do I have to be able to draw well?

No, you do not have to be the best draftsman . More importantly, you are creative and have ideas. Of course you should then be able to represent, but that is also possible through collages or stitched parts.

Is there an entrance exam?

Yes, there is an entrance exam . For this one must create a folder with works, drawings, collages and / or photos. These are brought to the entrance exam. There is also a drawing task, in which you have to create a drawing on the spot on a topic, this is then submitted. Finally, the work in a group is tested by getting back to a creative task, but this must solve as a group. Creativity is more important than drawing talent in both the portfolio and the tasks. (By the way, you can also come to the university in advance with the folder and get a feedback from one of the instructors.)

How long does this study go?

The degree has a bachelor’s degree and lasts three and a half years , ie seven semesters. In the first semester you learn the basics of editing and production using skirts. Semester work in fashion design is also a rock. In addition, you have different drawing subjects and learn the first functions on the computer. The second semester is about clothes. You have the same subjects as in the first semester and deepen your knowledge. In the third semester you start with menswear. Especially the fifth semester is where you do an internship. Thus, you get a lot of practical experience and see what the professional life looks like later. In the seventh semester, one then produces his Bachelor’s collection.

What do you enjoy most?

The best thing about this course is that it is so varied and therefore never boring. Each of the subjects is fun, but if you are only concerned with the same things, it will eventually be boring. The fact that it is so varied, you never miss the desire to continue.

Is a stay abroad necessary?

It is not necessary, but possible! The partner university of AMD, for example, is the Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan, where you can spend a semester abroad instead of an internship.

Are there any problems with so many girls?

For 20 people who see each other four days a week, I think it’s impossible not to bother now and then. However, all have the same passion and that connects. You will find very good friends very fast.

How do you see your personal chances to actually start as a designer in the end?

To work as a designer, you have to be lucky . In any case, the training provides a solid foundation and many opportunities to specialize later. For example, you could become a fashion artist, trend researcher, graphic designer and so on. Of course, the goal is to become a designer, but I’ll keep everything open for sure.


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