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Especially young people suffer from blemished skin on their faces and are looking for quick emergency relief against pimples, In adolescence, self-esteem can be quite burdened by pimples, as sometimes a single pimple is enough. The fear of blaspheming classmates or friends is one reason why people are looking for a quick fix. The cosmetic problem is annoying, sometimes the pimples hurt, especially when they are big and inflamed. But how do the little plagues actually come about? The sebaceous glands of the skin produce fat, which usually does not cause any problems. If the pores are clogged, the fat cannot get out and bacteria will cause pimples and inflamed areas. If the face is affected to a large extent, it is also called an acne. This is a big topic in the field of beauty and has many helpful tips, we have put together some of them.

Emergency aid against pimples is important – can one prevent?

Basically, you have several options to choose from. Medical help is available in the form of creams and medications. These are mainly used in acne, with occasional or regularly occurring pimples in smaller quantities helps a beautician on. It offers a deep cleansing, which improves the skin structure and thus prevents the formation of new pimples. Home remedies have been tried for generations because pimples are not a phenomenon of modern times. Although stress, nicotine and alcohol help pimples develop, hormonal change plays a role in adolescence and over thirty years of age. But it is clear that you can do something good for the body with a healthy diet. Regular cleaning of the facial skin is probably the highest beauty requirement,

As a quick relief against pimples home remedies are also very valuable

Also in the field of home remedies and natural medicine, there are funds that can be used as an emergency aid for pimples. Tea tree oil is used by some people against pimples, it is also contained in many cosmetic products for pimples, pure it is only with caution to use. Is better

  • toothpaste
  • steam baths
  • Self-made face mask
  • Healing Earth.

Toothpaste and healing earth are beauty and health products. Apply a dollop of toothpaste to a pimple and leave it on until it has dried. Then carefully wash with warm water. The same applies to healing clay mud for external application. Chamomile steam baths open the pores and are very well-known as general relief against pimples.

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